Monday, January 9, 2017

Review: Day 21 (The 100 #2) by Kass Morgan

Title: Day 21 (The 100 #2)
Author: Kass Morgan
Published by: Little, Brown and Company
Released: 2014

Summary: The 100 have been on the ground 21 days and have gotten the surprise of their lives, they are NOT ALONE! They are left with so many questions. How did the Earthborns survive the nuclear apocalypse? Are they dangerous? Can The 100 trust them?
Wells is trying to figure out how to protect his people with this new development. He also meets someone unexpected in the woods.
Bellamy and Clarke are on the search for Octavia, who was taken by Earthborns.
Luke and Glass are stuck on a dying ship and must find a way off of it.
The 100 are learning that survival is not for the weak. Life on the ground might be more than they bargained for.
My Thoughts: It's official, I love The 100 anything! The show on the CW is my favorite of favorites, but I've been pleased that the books are good as well. Now, if you go into the books expecting a carbon copy of the CW show, you are going to be disappointed. They're not the same, but that's why I like both of them. They have the same, interesting premise and take it in two different ways. Just very, very fun.
The books are definitely a more mellow version then the show. Don't get me wrong, they still contain danger and excitement, but a more mellow version of it. There is also more emphasis on romance in the books. If you crave Bellarke, you're going to appreciate the books, and fight for Bellarke all the more when it comes to the show. (Can anyone say CANON haha) But the book characters are not carbon copies of the show characters. They are both their own, separate thing. Just putting that out there.
Now as to a review of Day 21, I am pleased. It was very addictive, I felt like I didn't want to put it down while I was reading. Some really cool twists and turns were included.
I really enjoy the space station element in the book. For all the craziness that's happening on the ground, there is just as much craziness in space. So dramatic and so good!
The ending did feel very quick and wrapped up, which is slightly odd for a book in a YA series.
Really enjoyed this! I can't wait to see what happens next.

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