Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 2017 Goals

This week's Top 5 Wednesday is all about our Top 5 2017 Goals. This doesn't have to be all about reading goals, it can be about whatever goals you want to talk about. Here are my goals!

Fingers Crossed

5. Try as hard as I can to get my library addiction under control- I'm going to be honest with you, I don't have a lot of faith of me actually being able to stick to this one. I am a certified library addict. My addiction is strong. I love the library because you can read all kinds of things for free, and the library offers so much good to the communities that they serve. I actually have two library systems that I use. The first has this cool thing where it's part of a consortium, so it's partnered with other libraries in the state. That means that if I can't find a book at my local library, I might be able to get it from another county. I probably have abused this system, because I'm always requesting all kinds of books. The other library system I use has an unlimited checkout number, which is bad for an addict like myself.
I will always be pro-library. There is no shame in using the library. It still supports publishers and authors, and you don't have to worry about going broke or buying 10+ bookshelves to house your collections. I know some people don't like libraries because they have a thing against used books, dirty books, personally, I think that's a first world problem that is pretty easy to get over.
So yeah, I talked too long about this. I don't really think I'll have enough will-power to actually meet this goal, but I'm aware that I have a problem.

4. Read more of the books on my shelves- Along with my library addiction, I have a book buying addiction, but I don't tend to read them as fast because I'm always reading library books. I would like to read more of the books on my shelf. I hope I'm able to do that this year, we'll see.

3. Get Caught up on my Netgalley ARCS and Review books I have been sent, and also keep going with my bookstagram, bookblog, and resurrect my booktube channel- I pretty much crammed everything I could into this goal, but they are all things that I really want to keep on top of. I've been really bad with my Netgalley ARCS and Review books in 2016, probably because of my severe library addiction, so I would like to get more caught up on that. I love getting ARCS, and don't want to ruin it for myself because I'm so bad at reviewing them.
I want to keep my bookstagram and book blog (this thing here) updated and keep the posts coming. I think I did a good job of that in 2016. I did a much better job of scheduling and writing posts for my blog and I've been liking seeing my viewing stats go up. I've also been pretty proud of my reviews of 2016. I think writing my review, on paper, right after I review them has been a good way for me to transfer those reviews to the blog.
I've also been pretty happy with my bookstagram in 2016. I've been better about posting and I've been pretty pleased with my numbers. With my bookstagram account, I also incorporate other stuff, like my makeup addiction and my pets. So, I just want to keep those going and do the best I can with them, and most importantly, have fun!
What I would really like to do in 2017 is resurrect my booktube channel! I've been such a bad person with that. I've had some computer issues with uploading videos, which put me off of it, and I've just been lazy about sitting down to film. So I would like to get back to booktube. We'll see if that happens.
If you want to visit my book social medias, I'll link them here:
bookstagram:        (@gotbookcitement)
booktube:   (acbsgotbookcitement)

2. Take part in more reading challenges- I really want to do some yearly challenges this year. I've picked out two, which I will link the Goodreads Groups below, and I hope I do a good job of completing them. Challenges can either be fun, or stress you out. I'm hoping the ones I've chosen are fun and I'll be able to complete them in full.

Around the Year in 52 Books: 
This one might be the most challenging, just because it is 52 books, but it seems like it could be really fun.

Book Bingo!:
I'm hoping to do a blackout of the board, but we'll see what happens.

1. Read 55 books (preferably more) for my 2017 GoodReads Reading Challenge- And lastly, I want to read at least 55 books in 2017. I don't think I'll have any problem with this. I had 55 as my goal for 2016 and surpassed it no problem. I find the GoodReads Yearly Reading Challenge to be a lot of fun. I've done them every year since 2012, and have managed to meet my goal every year. I tend to set it low, just so it's not so stressful to meet it.

So that's my Top 5 Wednesday Top 5 2017 Goals! What are yours? If you want to join in on the Top 5 Wednesday fun, you totally should. Each Wednesday is a new, fun topic to contemplate and consider. Check out all the other Top 5 Wednesday-ers Here!

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