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March Wrap-Up 2017!

I had a pretty good reading month in March. I read 8 books, and I'm still ahead on my GoodReads Reading Challenge, Yayy! So, I'm going to talk about what I read and what I watched (and finished watching) in the month of March.

What I Read in March!


-- Arata: The Legend, Volume 4 by Yuu Watase-- 3.3/5-- This is just an okay manga to me. Yuu Watase is one of my favorite manga artists/authors, but this isn't my favorite series by her. It's all right, and I will continue on with it.

--The Natural Superiority of the Left-Hander by James T. deKay-- 4/5-- This was more of a random/fun read. It called to me. I'm left-handed, and am very proud of my left-handed status. I love hearing left-handed facts. We are the true minority. Only 10% to 11% of the world's population is left-handed. No one can seem to say definitively what makes a person left-handed. I think it runs in families. Left-handedness is just one of the things I'm weird about, like, I will notice if you are left-handed, and probably comment on it. Plus, I love driving my sister crazy with left-handed facts, because she doesn't care and finds it annoying haha.
This book was pretty fun. It was a super quick read. It's a little dated, but LEFTIES RULE!!

--A Torch Against The Night (#2) by Sabaa Tahir-- 3.7/5-- I'm just kind of meh about this series. They are very fast reads, and I'm interested to see what happens, but I'm just ambivalent toward the characters. Plus I think this world is just too violent in a non-sensical way. I'll continue reading the series, but I just don't get all the hype about it.

--Dark Matter by Blake Crouch-- 4/5-- This one was good, real good! Very enjoyable reading. I'd definitely recommend. I do think the ending got a little complicated with all the "villains" running around. This would make a really exciting movie.

--Chew, Volume 7: Bad Apples (Chew #31-35) by John Layman and Rob Guillory-- 4.2/5-- I love this series!! Some people complained about this Volume being a little too dark, but I liked it. Sometimes the storyline isn't the most coherent, but I love this comic. I think the art style is awesome and the story always has me laughing.

--Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon-- 3/5-- This one was kind of disappointing. It was overhyped, and it didn't live up to that hype. The pros are that it's a really fast read and the writing is easy to get into. The cons are that the insta-love was annoying. Maddie made really dumb decisions and didn't think anything through. She was all about living for the now, but I just found her really irresponsible. I don't know how her future is going to go, because she has no way to make money and no real education. The ending was also the biggest cop-out and I wasn't a fan. Maybe YA Contemporary just isn't for me. But, just to put in perspective how bad the insta-love is, the majority of the novel took place in the span of 3 months, and she fit pretty much everything you can do with a guy into those three months.
I was also just kind of annoyed in the very start when she bragged about what a superstar reader she was, and how she read so many more books than I could even hope to dream of. She bragged, while at the same time, putting down the reader. I wasn't a fan. And she read the most boring books. Please Girl. I don't really like Maddie.

--Chew, Volume 8: Family Recipes (Chew #36-48) by John Layman and Rob Guillory-- 4.5/5-- Another volume of Chew that I loved!! It's just so fun to read.

--Ghostly Echoes (Jackaby #3) by William Ritter --3.5/5-- This was another disappointment for me. I LOVED the first two books in the series, and then this one happened. What made the first two books so great is that they were a lot of fun, had a lot of humor, and some quirky characters. This third book just removed all the humor from the story and the characters. Without the humor, it became a blah book. I also didn't like the beginning, where I felt I was thrown into something instead of eased in. And they didn't really solve anything in the end. I'll read the rest of the series, but I hope the fourth book is better. This was just sooo disappointing.


What I Watched In March!

-- The X-Files (Seasons 1-9, Netflix) I FINISHED IT! I FINALLY FINISHED IT!!

I finally finished it, which I count as an accomplishment. I liked it, but I wouldn't categorize it as my favorite show. My favorite episodes were the monster of the week episodes, those were the most fun to me. The government conspiracy/alien episodes were always just meh. As I kept watching into the later seasons, especially 8 and 9, it just wasn't grabbing me the same way. It's all because David Duchovny killed the show. Apparently he was in some kind of disagreement over his contract and how much he thought he should be paid, so he wasn't really in Seasons 8 or 9. He might show up for a couple episodes, but then he'd be gone again. They brought in some new people, but the dynamic of Mulder and Scully wasn't there. I think it's his fault the show got canceled. It wasn't really very fair to his co-stars. They tried to make the show work, but for 7 Seasons we got this thing that the viewer came to expect, and you can't realistically change that in the 8th Season.

--The Iron Fist (Season 1, Netflix)
So, I watched this one too. I'm always really excited about Netflix and Marvel teaming up, and the new shows that come out. I found The Iron Fist to just be kind of boring. I don't think Danny Rand is the most charismatic super hero, which can make him a little dull to watch. 
I don't agree with all the controversy surrounding the casting. How people were mad that they didn't cast an Asian Iron Fist. This show is about Danny Rand, a pre-existing Marvel character, who is white. It would have made no sense to cast an Asian person for that role. I'm getting kind of annoyed about people who complain about everything all the time! This goes for books too. Don't rate a show before you've watched it and Don't rate a book before you've read it. If you're not interested in it fine, but the whole world doesn't care about your opinion.
Anyway, I think my favorite character, or the character I at least felt a little something for was Ward. That could just be because he reminded me of Bellamy Blake's older, skinnier faced brother. And I love Bellamy Blake sooo... But really, tell me what you think. Can you see any resemblance? Or am I just crazy?



I mean, Bellamy Blake is so much cuter and I just love him sooo much! But they look like they could be cousins or something, right?

--The 100: Season 4 (Still Watching, but I have to wait until April 26th for new episodes. The horror!!! I hate waiting)

And The 100 Season 4! I've been watching it live, every Wednesday (9 pm e.s.t. on the CW) and I'm liking this season. I think it's a lot better than Season 3, thank goodness! But the thing they have to fight against is a nuclear apocalypse, and that just seems to be a really hard thing to beat. My favorite scenes are all the Bellamy Blake ones. Bob Morley is such a good actor! I could mostly care less about Clarke. I'm kind of getting tired of her in charge, savior routine. Oh and I'm soooo glad that Lexa is gone!!! I'm not, never was, never will be a Lexa fan. I think Season 3 wasn't as good, because they focused too much on her. Although they do try to mention her as much as they can this season. Bleh.

 You know who they never mention? Finn. Clarke's first foray into puppy love/crushdom. Must be because he's a guy. I now have to wait for April 26, which is when they'll start airing new episodes. That wait is going to be tough. But I love The 100. GO WATCH IT!

So that was my March! How was yours? Let me know!
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