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Review: Angel Fire (Angel #2) by L.A. Weatherly

Title: Angel Fire (Angel #2)
Author: L.A. Weatherly
Published by: Candlewick Press
Released: 2011
Summary: After their failed attempt to stop the Second Wave of parasitic angels, Willow and Alex are on the run. With all the followers of the Church looking for them, Alex and Willow have to disguise themselves. When Willow gets a vision of Mexico City and 12 shining and powerful Angels, they decide to head there. This could be the last opportunity to get rid of the Angels once and for all. In Mexico City, they meet up with some old friends. Alex becomes leader of some new A.K.s. Also, there's another boy searching for Willow, a boy who's been searching for her his whole life. His name is Seb and he's a half-angel too. When Willow and Seb meet, there's an instant connection. Now there's a new boy vying for Willow's heart. As the epic battle between the Angels and the group draws closer, Willow must also decide who she should truly be with.
My Thoughts: I was very excited to read this book. I remember reading and loving the first one and being very interested in seeing what happens next. The lovely cover and huge length of the novel just added to my urgency to read it. Upon reading, this book was such a disappointment. I don't know if it suffered from Second Book Syndrome or if the author didn't really have enough of a story for it. I was just very disappointed in this story for various reasons.
First and foremost, this book was entirely too long. I don't mind long books, most times I feel the longer the better, but there has to be some kind of a story to fill the pages and in Angel Fire, there really wasn't. The beginning and ending were fun to read, but the middle was long, drawn out, and at many times boring. The story just wasn't gripping enough to capture all of my attention, so there were many times I would get bored and put the book down.
My second problem was the love triangle. I didn't like it. I didn't like the insta-love between Seb and Willow. I didn't like the jealousy of Alex. Alex turned into a real jerk in Chapter 19, and I don't even know what sparked that epic argument. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Now I had no problem with the actual characters of Seb, Willow, and Alex, but the introduction of this love triangle just messed everything up. It wasn't needed. I would have loved for Seb and Willow to just be fast friends than lovers destined to be together.
The third thing I didn't really like was the absence of action. The middle part really dragged because there was nothing really interesting happening in the story. The reader was stuck with Willow and Seb talking and talking, when they could of been with Alex and the other AK's on hunts.
The last thing I felt was lacking was character development of the secondary characters. Instead of being stuck with Willow and Seb 24/7, I would have liked to get to know the other characters more.
I really wanted to love this book because of my love for the first one, but I just couldn't. Angel Fire was a very disappointing read. I liked the beginning and the ending, so I will be checking out the third and final book when it comes out. If you're a fan of the first book, then I would recommend reading Angel Fire just so you're ready for the third. I feel bad about hating on this book, but I want my reviews to be what I honestly thought of the book. Sorry for the length and the ranting.
Such A Disappointment

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