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What Did I Think Of: The 100: Season 3, Episode 4- Watch The Thrones- (SPOILERS!)

I feel like I'm not going to have as much to say in this post as I have in previous The 100 posts. I'm just going to try to stick to the most important bits (at least to me) and discuss my thoughts and feelings about those. First and foremost, Episode 4 -Watch The Thrones- wasn't my favorite episode of the season so far. Thinking back, it's probably my least favorite episode of Season 4. Don't get me wrong, I still love The 100, but this episode just did some things to my characters that I didn't appreciate or enjoy.

The Roan and Lexa Fight

This was probably my favorite part of the episode just because it was a good fight. It was also the most exciting part of the episode. The fight came about because of the Ice Queen's planned takeover (coup) of the coalition. Somehow, she had gotten all the other clans to pledge allegiance to her to take down Lexa. This plan doesn't work with the addition of the 13th clan, the Skaikru. For the takeover to work, the Ice Queen had to have all the other clans on board. Then the Ice Queen goes to Plan B, she puts Lexa's leadership into question and challenges her to a one-on-one fight. The Ice Queen chooses Prince Roan (her son) as her champion. So, he's forced to fight for his mother. Lexa doesn't choose a champion. She decides to prove herself in the fight.
Watching the relationship between Prince Roan and the Ice Queen was interesting. His mother uses him as a pawn and really shows no love for him. Prince Roan just seems used to the fact of his uncaring mother, but kind of sad about it at the same time.
The fight was awesome. The choreography of it was really cool. It didn't seem like a cheesy, tv fight. There was some danger in there and just really kind of cool swordplay.
I won't lie, I was rooting for Roan to win. I like him better. He's more interesting to me than Lexa is. Maybe it's because Lexa doesn't show a lot of emotion. Roan is a man more of mystery, and I kind of like the relationship that he and Clarke share. Also Roan is left-handed, or at least the actor that plays him is, and as a fellow left-hander, I have to support my people. #FightTheRightPower #LeftiesUnite

TWIST: The Ice Queen is Dead... Long Live King Roan?


Umm I wasn't expecting this. The way she went was pretty cool and shocking. Lexa throwing that spear right through her chest made for a very dramatic scene. I am a little upset that this villain that has been built up since Season 2 is gone, just like that. I wanted more of the Ice Queen's diabolicalness. I thought she was going to be a major player in this season. It's just weird that she went so quickly. I mean, yeah Clarke's people will probably do better with King Roan, because he seems a little less crazy than the Ice Queen. I don't know, it just seemed like too quick an exit for the notorious Ice Queen.
The introduction of the Nightblood thing was interesting. I think maybe I've read too many YA books, so I saw it as kind of tropey. A way to make a character destined for special things just on the basis of something they can't control. I want to know why certain people have Black Blood. Is it some kind of mutation? Are Nightblood's healthy or does that trait bring certain illnesses? I'm just curious.
So that's pretty much all I wanted to talk about in relation to the scenes in Polis. The rest of it was pretty much just excuses for Lexa and Clarke to be in each other's presence a lot. As a fan of Bellarke, these scenes I could care less about

On to Arkadia!
Things in Arkadia aren't really going that well. Pike is still a massive problem. Don't like him. He's just going to mess so much stuff up for the Skaikru. I don't know if he really thinks things through. There are a bunch of grounders, 12 clans of them, how does Pike think he's going to realistically take them all out? He only has so many guns and bullets. These people have been surviving on the ground for years. I think if Pike goes through with his ideas, it will just result in the death of all Skaikru.
I'm also agreeing with the theory that Pike and the Farm Sector aren't telling the truth about what really happened when they first landed on the ground. Something is going to come out to reveal what's really going on.
And how disappointing that Pike was elected Chancellor. How did he get so many people to believe in his purpose and vote for him? Kane just misses out on being Chancellor, for real, again.

Leave Lincoln Alone Stupid Farm Sector!!!

So, during the Memorial Ceremony for the people lost during the Mount Weather explosion, some stupid Farm Sector guy throws a rock at Lincoln's head. Not okay. You do not hurt Lincoln. His scene where he's stumbling out with a bloody head and says, get knocked down, get back up again, I felt so many feels for him. My poor Lincoln baby.
I'm actually a little scared for Lincoln this season. If we lose a main character, I think it could be him. I base this on the fact that the actor, Ricky Whittle, has landed a role in a new show called American Gods, that I think is on Starz? So I'm bracing myself for the possibility that we could lose him. I will be sad because I really like Lincoln.
I also think Lincoln is interesting, especially in relation to Octavia, because they are both outsiders to their people. Octavia doesn't fit in with the Sky People, because the Sky People punished her for the mere fact that she exists. Lincoln doesn't really fit in with his people either. There's kind of no place for either of them to belong right now. And I just love their whole star-crossed lovers thing.

Jasper and Monty not making up
I liked seeing Jasper and Monty together again, but it was bittersweet, because they are not the same friends that came down to Earth together. Jasper is a mess, an emotional mess. Monty still wants to be there for Jasper, but can't really do anything until Jasper gets himself together. It's just sad to see a friendship that so many people love from the show, being so broken. And then comes the scene where Jasper trips and spills Finn's ashes, that he had brought with him back to the site of the original dropship and 100 settlement. Just very sad. I hope Jasper can finally get his life back together.

Most Frustrating Parts of the Episode: Bellamy Blake

Bellamy Blake is bae. He's my favorite character on the show. I look forward to seeing him in every episode, which just makes what happened that more frustrating. I don't know what's going on here. Why the writers think it's a good idea, or even think it's believable to have Bellamy revert back to Season 1 Bellamy. In this episode, Bellamy is grieving for Gina and blames himself for getting the residents in Mount Weather killed because he trusted Echo. Pike kind of uses that grief to turn Bellamy to his side. Have Bellamy join in on his anti-Grounder spiel, and have Bellamy get him the guns that he wants to kill all the Grounders.
I have many problems with this. First, while I think Bellamy cared for Gina, I don't think he loved her. So I don't see Gina's death as the impetus for Bellamy's complete turnaround regarding what he thinks of the Grounders. Bellamy's character has had a lot of growth over the past 3 seasons. All you have to do is watch the show from the beginning to see how much Bellamy's character has grown and changed. His feelings for the Grounders in Season 1 are not the same feelings he has in Season 3. It doesn't make sense to me for Bellamy to forget everything he has learned about the Earth and it's people, to go on the warpath with Pike. He has friends that are Grounders. People that he respects. I don't buy it. I don't believe it. I also think that if Clarke hadn't abandoned him, again, he wouldn't have jumped onto Pike's crazy train. Clarke and him were good leaders together, and now, he really has no one to talk to.
In my cynical head, I almost see this as an attempt to try and kill Bellarke. Like the writers put all these scenes with Clarke and Lexa, really push on the fact that Clarke is bisexual, just really try to push this Lexa ship down the viewers throats. But then the Bellarke love and fandom remains strong. Now it feels like, well we gotta change Bellamy, make him into a character that nobody likes. If they don't like Bellamy anymore, then the Bellarke ship is dead. The ship will never be dead to me. In all honesty, I'm not really into Clarke at the moment. If the writer's give Bellamy a believably built relationship with someone else, I won't be mad. I just want Bellamy to be happy. I'm Team Bellamy
So, we'll see what happens with this. I also kind of like Kane and Bellamy's relationship. They almost seem like a father and son. Kane just looks so disappointed in Bellamy in this episode and he just wants Bellamy to pick the right path. I do wonder why Kane never had any children. I think, if I remember right, he had some type of wife or girlfriend in Season 1. Just curious.

Left out of the episode
No Raven again, which is not acceptable.
Also no Jaha or Murphy, which really makes me wonder about this storyline. ALIE is supposed to play a really big part in Season 3, so I have to think that more focus will be put on it soon.

Episode Grade B-
Probably my least favorite episode of the season so far. Not liking the direction they are going with Bellamy. Getting a little tired of Polis. Awesome fight scene though! So glad Roan is still alive.

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