Monday, February 22, 2016

Review: Tattooed As Trouble (Vegas Vixens #3) by J.L. Hammer

Title: Tattooed As Trouble (Vegas Vixens #3)
Author: J.L. Hammer
Published by: Entangled Publishing, LLC (Select Suspense)
Released: February 8, 2016
Summary: While committing a breaking and entering with her brother True, Raegan Storm witnesses a murder. She sees a prominent (and now dirty judge) shoot and kill two members of the Boczar crime family. Like any good citizen, she reports the crime to the police. Suddenly she's the star witness in the trial and she's on the Boczar's hit list for relaying information to the police regarding one of their drug house locations. Rae is placed in the witness protection program under the care of some marshals. One marshal in particular catches her eye, Bronson. He's attractive, protective, and just guarded enough to make her want to know more about him. How can a romance work when a crime family wants you dead and the Federal Marshal Service has strict rules about Marshal/Witness romance? Rae is about to find out, assuming she can live long enough too.
My Thoughts: I would just like to thank Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for providing me with an e-arc to review. I thought the synopsis for this book sounded like a lot of fun. There are times where one just needs a good romance to read through. This book, to me, was an okay read. I liked it well enough and enjoyed reading it. None of the characters really leaped off the page and grabbed my heart, but I was interested in learning how things turned out for them.
One plus in this book is just the idea of the Witness Protection Program in general. It's an interesting idea to consider. Having to leave everything you've ever known and change your identity because people want you dead. I think it would be a very scary thing to go through. I felt bad for Rae having to leave her brother behind forever and having to give up all the other stuff she'd worked for.
I felt the romance in this book came about a little quick, not that that's the worst thing ever, but maybe not the most believable. Bronson kept telling himself no and to fight the temptation, but he obviously wasn't as strong as he thought he was. That first kiss just really came out of nowhere. Bronson could also be a little mean. I think he led on Rae a lot and then would break her heart a lot too. Bronson was just more wishy-washy to me because he was having to decide whether to choose love or his career.
The action scene near the end felt a little anti-climatic. The bad guys met their ends rather quickly.
All in all, I thought this was something fun to read. It was an enjoyable little ride. If you are in the mood for something quick and fun, I would recommend giving this one a shot.
Not a bad little book.

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