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What Did I Think Of: The 100: Season 3, Episode 2 (SPOILERS!)

Every Thursday, I eagerly anticipate watching one of my favorite shows, The 100! Knowing that it's coming on helps me get through the mundanity of work. The hour that it's on goes by so fast, and then the cycle of waiting starts again. So this post is all about The 100: Season 3, Episode 2. This most recent episode was...

I was so relieved getting such a great episode after the season premiere episode, which I felt was kind of slow. Not the kick in the pants that I've come to love from The 100. Episode 2 (Wanheda Part 2 for those of you concerned with the titles of each episode) had everything I wanted and more. I'm going to break it up into parts so I can talk about everything, maybe rant about a couple of things, so be aware that there are MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD for those of you who haven't yet watched the episode.


When we left Bellamy, Monty, Indra, and Kane; their vehicle had been trapped in place by some trees. They'd walked into a trap, but from who, they weren't sure. Episode 2 starts off with them still in the vehicle, where they decide to make a run for it. Once out, they are immediately captured by a group of people. Then comes the revelation that they are more citizens of the Ark, from the farm sector. Monty is reunited with his mother. Yayy! But he also finds out his father was killed not long after their escape capsule crashed to Earth. A mix of emotions there. I'm so happy that Monty was able to reunite with his mother, but sad that his father didn't make it. I don't know how it's going to go with these new Ark members because they aren't up to speed with everything that's happened on the ground and have different ideas than our original Arkadians.


This guy, I think his name his Pike, is gonna be a problem this season. He is kind of leader of the Farm Sector and they don't have the best feelings for the Grounders. I mean, it's understandable, because the Grounders did to them what they did to the original 100 when they first came down, killed a bunch of them. But Pike doesn't seem to have the ability to move on and realize that all Grounders are not bad people. I don't think I'm going to like him much this season.
And now for a mini rant because it's warranted: I don't like how they've modeled Pike after certain people in America (or other places) who are against illegal immigration. He has this one line where he says, "Speak English," when they all come across Niylah being beat up and almost killed. Here's my problem, I know who they are trying to model him after and I don't think it's fair or right. They are trying to illustrate him as a kind of conservative wacko citizen who is against an influx of immigrants and people who kind of won't assimilate to the new place they call home. The problem with trying to do that is that he and the other Arkers are really the immigrants. They've come from someplace different and want everyone to cater to them. Whether that be by not learning the native language or by trying to force their ways and traditions on other people. So certain people are gonna see Pike and compare him to maybe Trump or other Republican Presidential candidates, but that would in fact be wrong. Pike is the illegal immigrant in this situation and when you look at it that way, he's unwilling to become a citizen of the Earth. Some people might get mad at that opinion, but I'm just calling it like I see it. 


Back to camp crazy town with off his rocker Jaha, we finally get to witness a little of the City of Light. I contend that it's still not a real place or viable option. I don't know if peoples' consciousnesses are uploaded to this Matrix like City of Light, that's what it kind of seems like. I'm interested to see where this storyline goes. I don't think this is a viable option for survival. It's not real. It won't provide food, water, safety, or the survival of the human race. But I don't think A.L.I.E. wants the human race to survive anyway. But Jaha is clearly in la la land when it comes to this thing.

Go Murphy in this episode! He's got his thing with Emori back on, but he's still running around with Jaha. Emori is a thief and thieves steal, so she decides to take this container backpack like thing while the big scary guy is meditating in the City of Light. That doesn't go well. Big Guy wakes up and chokes her. John tries to save her by hitting Big Guy in the head, but that does absolutely nothing. Apparently when you're a part of the City of Light, you feel no pain in your earthly body. Emori then draws a knife and slashes Big Guy's throat. So his earthly self is dead. Jaha and Emori's friend catch up with them and hold Emori hostage. John threatens to throw the container backpack in the water, thus destroying it. Jaha lets Emori go, and Murphy and her take off in the boat. So conclusions are that the container backpack is A.L.I.E.'s way of leaving the mansion and it contains the City of Light too. I hope John gets faaaaar away from Jaha's crazy self.

Sad face because she wasn't in this episode at all. Raven is awesome and needs to have a cameo in every episode. She is an important person in this world.


Jasper had another tough episode. He had to go back to the Mountain and he kind of broke down. I don't know if he's finally accepting Maya's death or what. I feel bad for him. I'm hoping that he's over this not caring whether he lives or dies thing.


Abby had a medical crisis and a decision to make in this episode. As did Lincoln. His friend Nyko (who we met last season and was a medic for the Grounders) has been injured by the Ice Nation and the only way to save him is to take him to Mt. Weather, where there are blood and medical supplies that can heal him. Lincoln has said previously that it's a bad idea to go to Mt. Weather too often, because the Grounders might think the Arkadian's are moving into the Mountain and the truce could be broken because of that. Lincoln eventually decides that Nyko's life is more important than the what-if of breaking the truce and they go to the Mountain to save him.
Abby is faced with the conundrum of being Chancellor and Doctor, or just sticking to one job. I think she should personally just be Doctor. They need one on the ground and I think she makes a better doctor than Chancellor. Kane would be my top choice for Chancellor.
In the end, Abby is faced with the decision of taking more advantage of what the Mountain has to offer. I'm torn on this issue. I don't know what to do with the Mountain. It does make a great place to live in this world. It's protected. Has it's own power and water (well it did at least before Raven blew it all up. I bet she could still fix it though). But the Mountain is also a place where a massacre took place. It will always have that association of death with it and that thought that for the Arker's to survive, a whole race of people had to die. I don't know what to do with that one.


Surprise Surprise Lexa is back. I can't say I was too excited. Let me just say, I like the character of Lexa and the element she brings to the show, but I'm getting real tired of the Clexa ship. Umm so, Bounty Hunter Roan was really on assignment for Lexa to bring Clarke to her. This was just irritating. Here's commander Lexa in her literal ivory tower. Can't even be bothered to get Clarke herself. And I don't know what she expects. She legit betrayed Clarke at the end of Season 2. Clarke is not going to be happy to see her. There is not going to be a reunion of hugging and kissing. I loved how Clarke spit in her face. Exactly what she deserved.
I think it is also important to note that going back on deals and betraying people is part of Lexa's character, because she also betrayed Roan. She promised him something if he could get Clarke to her. He holds up his end of the bargain, but she doesn't hold up hers. She has Roan taken back to the dungeon. I mean, this is like a thing with her. I don't trust her. I don't like her. I hope Clarke stays mad at her a long long time.
Now for another mini rant: the Clexa ship. I think people ship Bellarke for a legit reason. They've gone from enemies, to friends/partners, to characters that really need each other. They've grown together, been through stuff together. People say that the Bellarke ship is just a one-sided Bellamy thing, which I think is so obviously untrue. As many glances as Bellamy gives Clarke, there are glances that Clarke gives Bellamy. She cares about him a lot, but everyone seems to dismiss that in favor of promoting this Clexa thing.
I get really tired of the media. Whenever I read reviews, no matter what other stuff happened in the episode, it's always about the stupid Clexa ship. If they are going to argue that Bellarke is one-sided, I'd say Clexa is even more one-sided. Lexa is the one that's really into Clarke and I don't think Clarke is into her. Lexa was the one jealous of Bellamy in Season 2. Lexa was the one who initiated the kiss. It's Lexa that's so enraptured with Clarke, and I kind of think she abuses her power in order to spend more time with Clarke.
I will say, people can ship whoever they want. I just don't like Clexa and I don't believe that it's a lasting relationship. They are both strong women and I think they would clash constantly if they were together together.
In my opinion, I don't think Clarke has romance as a priority right now. She's constantly trying to save her people, but when she does have time for it, I think it's going to be Bellamy all the way. I will argue until I'm blue in the face that they care about each other. I will go down with this ship.


Clarke has been captured by Bounty Hunter Roan and is unsure of where she is being taken. Clarke had some pretty cool scenes this episode in trying to get away from Roan. All her red hair dye got washed out. Honestly, I just wanted Bellamy to save her and Bellarke forever.


Roan's story got a little more explained in this episode. At first I thought he was just a bounty hunter. Then you find out he's from Ice Nation, but hiding from them, has apparently been banished from them. So Clarke isn't being taken to Ice Nation. And then at the very end of the episode, you find out he's Prince Roan! I'm definitely liking his character and I can't wait to see what happens next with him. I'm thinking he's a major ally for Clarke. Plus he's good looking in a dangerous sort of way.


This episode was great for my Bellarke heart. So many great Bellarke moments. It's so obvious how much he cares for her. Bye Gina. He was willing to risk his life over and over again to save her. Bob Morley does such a great job of showcasing the range of Bellamy's emotions. I was so happy and then so sad when Bellamy found Clarke and almost rescued her, only to be tackled and stabbed in the leg. He came so close. You could see the relief and happiness on his face. And then when he said, "We Need Clarke," aawwww. Lots of people on instagram and tumblr changed We to I, and he didn't actually say that, but you could sure tell that's what he meant. 
Scenes like these are why Bellarke's a thing, a real thing. If I have to wait and wait for Bellarke to eventually happen, I will. I believe in it.

Sorry for the length of this post. It's entirely too long, but a lot of stuff happened in Episode 2. And obviously, I had to cover my Bellarke feels. This episode was great! So much better than Episode 1. My love for this show only grows as the seasons go on. Tune in next week for my thoughts on Episode 3. Thanks for listening to me ramble.

Episode Grade: A
Fantastic! The Bellarke feels were on point. Can't wait to see where it goes next.
Clarke spitting in Lexa's face was pure gold!

All pictures were from http://screencapped.net/tv/the100/

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