Monday, July 11, 2016

Review: First Frost (Mythos Academy #0.5) by Jennifer Estep

Title: First Frost (Mythos Academy #0.5)
Author: Jennifer Estep
Published by: Kensington Publishing Corp
Released: 2011
Source: Library
Summary: Prequel to the Mythos Academy, First Frost explores what Gwen was up to before she got to school. Gwen is a gypsy, with the gift of psychometry. Touching objects or people will send a flood of images through her head. Gwen can see everything from everyday life to people's darkest, hidden secrets. She uses her gift to make a little money, finding peoples' lost objects. Then she gets a much more serious image that will change her life forever.
My Thoughts: A cute, quick introduction to the Mythos Academy series. I'm hoping to read the series this year, and because of my OCD about book order, I have to read them in order. As an introduction to the series, it was cute. I can see this as being a cute, fun series.
It was a cool surprise to learn the series is set in North Carolina, since I live there. This now makes two mythology based schools that call NC home, the other being from The Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout.
The second draw was the purple eyes. I just have this weakness for violet eyes. I think they are so cool and wish I had them haha.
This prequel novella was very quick. It gave me a nice introduction and feel to what the rest of the series might be like. I'm excited to dig into this series more. It's about time I tried to read a book I actually own instead of all the library books that I can't say no to. I'm looking forward to continuing on with this series.
Main character has purple eyes... SOLD!

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