Monday, April 11, 2016

Review: The Awesome by Eva Darrows

Title: The Awesome
Author: Eva Darrows
Published by: Ravenstone
Released: 2015
Summary: Maggie Cunningham comes from a long line of monster hunters. She's currently an apprentice to her mom, but is ready to graduate to journeyman. There's only one pesky thing standing in her way, her virginity. She's planning to do whatever it takes to fix that. Maggie's awesome, The Awesome, and all those monsters are going down.
My Thoughts: This cover screamed at me from the library shelf to pick it up. So, this might have been 95% a cover grab, but I don't regret reading it. For the most part, I really enjoyed the whole story. Yell monster hunters and I'm like, Yes Please!
This story was a lot of fun to read. Very fast-paced and quick. Maggie had a lot of snark and didn't suffer from self-confidence issues. Sometimes she could be too full of herself though.
I enjoyed the relationship between her and her mom. Her mom was one of those, I'm my kids friend than actual parent moms, but it was nice to see the love between them.
I did find the whole sex/virginity thing very awkward to read about. Slightly cringey. I would recommend it to only older teens just for that reason. There were some graphic bits in there. The whole having to lose her virginity in order to further her career, just was uncomfortable. I liked Ian, but in a way, I just felt like he was a means to the end. People might think I'm prudish, but so be it. I would have enjoyed the book more if that part wasn't in there. Just the desperation about it and the race to get it done wasn't working for me.
Overall, I thought this book was a lot of fun. Awesome cover, mostly Awesome subject matter, and just a very fun ride.
Monsters Beware, Maggie's Coming

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