Thursday, April 21, 2016

Review: Delia's Shadow (Delia Martin #1) by Jaime Lee Moyer

Title: Delia's Shadow
Author: Jaime Lee Moyer
Published by: Tor
Released: 2013
Summary: Delia has always been able to see ghosts, they walk the streets around her, and cling to places they had known in life. San Francisco is especially ghost heavy after the earthquake and fires that occurred in 1906. When the ghosts become too much, Delia flees to New York to live her life in peace. It isn't long before she's called back to San Francisco, haunted by a ghost that wants something from her. This ghost has been the victim of a killer who is killing again, and it's up to Delia to stop him. With the help of the handsome detective Gabe, her friend Sadie, and Sadie's fiancee Jack. Perfect for people who like ghosts, historical fiction, sexy detectives, and catching killers. 
My Thoughts; I was very excited for Delia's Shadow, it contained some of my favorite things to read about in one book. I love ghost stories, historical settings, and the race to catch a killer. I thought this was going to be a book that I would enjoy to the fullest, but it didn't turn out as great as I hoped for.
I didn't read this book too fast, because I would sometimes get bored and lose interest, and then I had some schoolwork hanging down on me and coming due. It took me a week and a half to finish this, which is unusual for me.
The other reason why I don't think I loved this book was the main character was kind of a bore. She wasn't very exciting, and there was nothing that really drew me to her. Delia was just mehh.
I did really like Gabe though. I think I would have much rather enjoyed the story if it had all been told from his point of view.
I also didn't find the romance really full of chemistry or heart racing scenes. You could tell from the start that they would be together, but the romance set up just felt blah.
The ghostly scenes were pretty intense though. So A for those.
All in all, this book was an okay read. Not the best, not the worst. There is a sequel coming out and I might read that if I find it at my library. This book had all the ingredients for greatness, but it never really got there.
Could have been great.

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