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What Did I Think Of: The 100: Season 3, Episode 11 -Nevermore- (SPOILERS!!)

Let's see if I can make this short. I feel like there's a chance I can accomplish a short review, because Nevermore focused just on one storyline. Yayy!
Nevermore was all about rescuing Raven. Getting that evil ALIE out of her head. And finally the whole team was back together!!

Poor Octavia

Octavia was really struggling this episode with where she belongs. She kind of feels like she belongs nowhere. She's not Skaikru, and she's not Grounder. On the ground, it's always been her and Lincoln against the world, without him, she doesn't know what to do. She shared some awesome moments with Monty this episode. He really helped convince her that she's one of The 100, that she'll always be one of them. It was so sweet. I love Monty. At the end of the episode, she comes to the realization that she belongs with The 100. That the way they survive is together. 

ALIE Makes Raven Really Mean

Everyone applaud Lindsey Morgan cause she's got skills. She switched between ALIE persona, desperation persona, and crazy persona so seamlessly.
ALIE made Raven soooo mean though. Since Raven was spirited away by Jasper in the white van (that might have been a lame attempt at a kidnap joke, I apologize) in the last episode, ALIE and her zombie minions have no idea where Raven is. ALIE instructs Raven to figure out where she's being kept so the mob can be alerted. Because of this, Raven can't be trusted and has to be tied up. When she's not pulling out her shoulder socket to escape, or biting people to piss them off, she's spewing some really mean, maybe true, comments to everyone.
She brings up Maya to Jasper, which of course causes him to lose it. He's already got a really thin breaking point, so I totally believed his reaction.
She says something to Clarke about killing people and then mentions that she probably killed Lexa too...

Clarke's blow up reaction didn't really make sense to me though. It didn't make sense the first time when she yelled at Lexa that she was going to kill her, and it doesn't make sense now. I don't see Clarke's character as the blow up type. Like I feel she doesn't let her anger show, just keeps that whole composed demeanor going. I guess I was wrong about her.
The most heart-wrenching one was seeing Raven lash out at Bellamy. He just sat there and took it. What she was saying to him was stuff he already thought about himself. This whole struggle with whether or not he's a monster and all that.

Wait, Monty what just happened???

Okay, little bit of backstory. Monty and Octavia have to go to the original dropship to retrieve a strong enough magnet in order for the whole frying ALIE chip to work. While there, craziness happens. Monty's mom shows up, except she's not all-the-way Monty's mom, she's been taken over by ALIE too, and commanded to stop Monty from getting the magnet. The whole thing was just so intense and sad. Octavia jumps into the fight and ends up in a precarious situation. Monty has to save her, and in order to do that, he kills his Mom. Shoots her dead.

I mean, I can't say that I ever really liked Monty's mom. With her crazy dedication to Pike, betraying her own son, but I was willing to let her try and redeem herself. And Monty having to kill her was just soooo damaging, especially when he realized that it was possible for his mom to be saved, that ALIE can be removed under the right circumstances. I don't know how he's going to deal with that moving on.


Even though all our favorites are finally back together, there was still so much tension in the group. They are not the same characters that banded together in Season 1. Clarke and Bellamy still have some unresolved issues to work out. Jasper and Monty have to get back to being best friends again. Octavia has to figure out what an important part to the group she is. I was so happy to see them all back together, but it almost feels like they all need to sit down and have a really big heart-to-heart talk. There's a lot of stuff that needs to be discussed, and I felt like it just kind of got ignored in the big race to save Raven.

Random Thoughts

-I just shook my head when Clarke walked in and took charge of everybody and everything. I don't think you can do that after abandoning the group for so long. Also how she just pretty much barged in to Niylah's trading post and took it over. Kind of ridiculous.
- Also thought it was pretty dumb for Clarke to apologize for Bellamy to Niylah. First off, he can do that for himself, and it's obvious that he feels bad about what he's done. Bellamy is not the villain. Give him a break.
- Loved the Sinclair moment where he says Raven is all he has left. I love these adopted parental/family figures.
-Jasper added just the right amount of humor. I really am liking the Jasper/Raven dynamic and am interested to see what the plan is for that. 
-Is the plan now to still find Luna? or is Clarke going to use the Second AI to bring down ALIE? Questions, questions.

Episode Grade: I give it an A! I'm glad that the team is finally back together. I'm hoping this means the magic from Seasons 1 and 2 will finally be restored. Don't split everyone up anymore please.

All images came through google image searches. For some reason, my reliable source of didn't have the latest episode stills. Don't know why and hope that's not a permanent thing.

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