Monday, April 4, 2016

Review: The Last Princess (Last Princess #1) by Galaxy Craze

Title: The Last Princess (Last Princess #1)
Author: Galaxy Craze
Published by: Poppy
Released: 2012
Summary: For 17 days, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters ravaged the Earth. Six years later, the world is just a shell of its former self. Hunger and disease mark the lives of the common folk. Eliza and her family are the last in the royal line of England, but someone wants to take their crown. When the enemy attacks, he kills her parents and kidnaps her siblings. Eliza escapes and in disguise, joins the rebel army. With her family and country in danger, Eliza must overthrow the evil dictator and save everyone.
My Thoughts: Pros: It was a very quick read. Cons: It wasn't very good.
Now remember, this review is 100% my honest opinion, and just because I didn't like it doesn't mean that all readers won't like it. I'm a believer in giving every book a chance, so if this one sounds good to you, don't let my review stop you from picking it up.
At the very beginning, I was interested, I thought this could be good. As the book went on, it just went downhill.
Every post-apocalyptic trope possible was pushed into this story, but there was no real meat to it. There was just something flat about the whole thing. This book kind of reminded me of a glitter overlay on a makeup item, or the meaning behind the Gilded Age (History!). It looked bright and shiny from the outside, but the inside was weak and disappointing.
I didn't really get the world. It was rocked by disaster for 17 days, but I was never sure just how many people died or how people were surviving. There were cannibals, but no explanation as to why. Some cities were decimated and than other small towns and villages seemed to function like a medieval villages. And as for the enemy, why did he need to become King so badly? Why does a world reeling from destruction need rulers?
The romance was weird. It went from 0 to 100 in a paragraph. Just odd and not very believable.
And if you are an animal lover, this isn't for you. Every animal possible to get attached to, except one, dies. After awhile, it just got laughable. If this had been a longer novel, a whole zoo could have been next on the chopping block. I hate when animals die in books, hate it.
I didn't really like this book. Writing a post-apocalyptic book without character development and the right pacing just doesn't make for a good story to me.
Umm.... No.

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