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What Did I Think of: The 100: Season 3, Episode 10 -Fallen- (SPOILERS!)

Well, here's my review catch-up. I meant to have this up last week, but then I got lazy. Sorry.
Episode 10 -Fallen-, was jam packed with all the worlds and all the stuff. I almost felt like it was a little too much for one episode. Like too many storylines were happening at once, too many switches from Polis, the cave, Arkadia, and back. I mean, the whole season has been like that really. With us going from here, to there, to everywhere. Maybe I'm missing those simpler times where everyone was together, facing one common enemy.
A lot of craziness happened in this episode. I did like it.

Polis: Ontari and Murphy

So first I'll start with my poor John Murphy. His struggle this episode was trying to stay alive with the crazy, wants to be Heda, Ontari. Murphy was a shining star in this episode. I loved his sarcasm, and how he's really all about looking out for himself, making sure he doesn't die in this world that seems to want to kill everybody.

I contend that it's Clarke's fault he's even stuck there. She kind of just abandoned him for her new mission to find Luna. That irritated me about Clarke. I know that Murphy has had a checkered past, that he and Clarke have had their differences, but you don't just abandon your people. Well, I guess Clarke really abandons her people a lot soo...
People are probably going to get at me, because they think Clarke is the sun and moon, all beauty of the Earth is she, but this season, Clarke has just been getting on all of my nerves. This whole extended absence from Arkadia has just been really tough for me this season, and has lowered Clarke on my scale of characters that I adore.
So anyway, in Episode 9, Murphy was all ready to get the heck out of Polis. He knew it wasn't the safest or smartest place to be. But then Clarke gets it in her head that she's got to stay, to interfere with Grounder politics, and make sure Aden becomes the next Heda. Murphy could have said, Good Luck with that Clarke. See Ya! In fact, he should have said that and left Clarke to her pointless mission, but he didn't, he didn't abandon her in Polis. Murphy tried to help her, and what's the thanks that he gets? Hmmm? He gets stuck babysitting the crazy Ontari, while Clarke gets out of Dodge.

So I'm not #TeamClarke at the moment.
In Episode 10, Murphy is having to deal with the consequences of being abandoned and in the clutches of a crazy person.
The 100 managed to get itself into a new issue when a captive, chained Murphy was forced on point of death to be Ontari's new plaything. The argument became rape or not rape, handled well or handled poorly, let's go to twitter and revolt!! 

What will I say? It definitely wasn't consensual whatever happened between Ontari and Murphy. First off, he's chained up and not allowed to leave. Second off, he told her that there's another girl he wants to be faithful to. And third off, she threatened to kill him if he didn't do what she wanted. I don't think that's the start to a successful, healthy relationship. Did the writers handle it right? I don't know, maybe I don't even really care that much. Well, maybe I would have cared more if some fans hadn't been getting outraged about EVERYTHING this season. It's hard for me to take an issue seriously, when you're crying wolf every five seconds. But I will say that I don't root for whatever is happening between Ontari and Murphy. She needs to let him go and he needs to leave.
So that's really all that happened in Polis.

The Cave: Bellamy and the Resistance

I think all my The 100 pictures for this section will just be Bellamy Blake because he is bae. He's been given such a tough storyline this season, and the amount of hate he's been getting makes me want to punch people!

I am not of the opinion that Bellamy is ultimate evil, that he can never come back from what he took part in. Everybody brings up the fact that he viciously brought down a 300, innocent, Grounder Army. As stated in previous reviews of mine, I have a problem with that, because we didn't even see the battle. We didn't see what went on with it and how he acted.
And almost all the characters have done questionable things. Lexa abandoned Skaikru to the Mountain Men. Lexa with Clarke let a bomb drop on the people of TonDC. The Grounders killed a bunch of the original 100 in Season 1. They weren't the best guys either. Even Kane has floated countless people on the old Ark. How can you hate on one person without hating on all? Just doesn't make sense to me.
And he's always done everything to protect his sister and his people. So I'm #TeamBellamy all day, every day. If you disagree with me, fine, but just know that I don't really care about your opinion.
So highlights from this segment. Octavia takes out her anger on her brother, and Bellamy lets her. He knows that she needs an outlet for the pain of losing Lincoln, so he offers himself as her punching bag. My poor Bellamy.

The resistance intercepts a call from Monty, who has left Arkadia, because somehow Pike know's he had something do with the escape. They go to meet him, but they think it could be a trap, so they tie Bellamy up and use him as a hostage. They are right, it is a trap. Pike followed Monty in hopes of him leading them to the rebels. It worked. Monty's own mother betrayed him. So so low. Anyway, things happen, turn around, and Kane, Octavia, and Monty end up being the hostages. Bellamy says he'll take Pike to the rest of the Resistance. I knew right from the start that that was just a trick on Bellamy's part. He's not going to give up the Resistance to Pike. And I was right. It was a trap for Pike!! 

Bellamy gives up Pike to the Grounders to make things right and so the blockade will be lifted. Instead of high fives, Bellamy gets a weird comment from Kane about how he hopes Bellamy did this because it was the right thing to do and not just to save his sister. The only reason I had a problem with this statement was because it was really because of Kane being sentenced to die that made Bellamy change sides. Sure Octavia being in trouble motivates him, but maybe he's a better guy than they give him credit for, that he gives himself credit for.
In other crazy news, Kane decides the best thing is to reassert himself as the 13th clan, and goes with the Grounders to Polis. Ontari doesn't want to be friends with the 13th clan, so we'll see what happens to Kane.

Arkadia: Jaha, ALIE, and the crazy
After weeks and weeks of the slow moving machine that was the Jaha/ALIE storyline, it finally kicked itself into high gear. It was very interesting and very dangerous. My poor Raven got beat up so much in this episode. She's really like The 100 punching bag. Let's have all the awful stuff happen to Raven.

At the beginning of the episode, Raven is struggling to get ALIE out of her head. She then comes up with an idea to do it that involves an electrical pulse strong enough to fry the chip. ALIE then subjects Raven to the most heartbreaking thing to watch, she returns all of Raven's painful memories to her at once. All the times she was grievously injured, remembering Finn, watching Finn die. Raven finally can't take it anymore and gives ALIE full control of her body. Jaha is the absolute worst!!! for coming up with a way to take away free will. Jaha has had one of the strangest story arcs. He's gone from a good leader, to an almost martyr, to a now pretty despicable villain. 
But was that enough torture for Raven this episode?, obviously not. Jaha and ALIE then had to get Abby to do what they wanted, and to do that, they made Raven cut her wrists and almost die. The only way Abby could save her was to agree to take the pill and join the City of Light. Just despicable.

Jasper finally gets a little bit of his hero status back! After he's seen how the whole Ark is now filled with City of Light zombies, he gets Raven out of there. YAYY! His plan is to take her to The Resistance and complete the plan for getting ALIE out of her head. I'm kind of enjoying this whole Raven/Jasper dynamic. Jasper realizes that there are still people who need him.

So Jasper puts her in the all terrain, Hummer-like vehicle, is busting through the front gates, and who does he see standing there?

Clarke. Yes, she's finally decided to come home. Where she should have been really in Episode 3 or 4.

Of course, the first thing she demands to do once Jasper lets her in the car, is to see Lincoln. Jasper informs her he's dead, which she would know if she'd been around. I enjoyed Jasper telling her to shut up, yelling at her a little, because that's what I feel like I've been doing while watching Season 3 thus far. I feel like some of my pent up frustration was channeled through Jasper, and it felt good to see her kind of freeze. She's not used to being yelled at. She deserved to be yelled at. Now they are racing to save Raven and the original team will finally get back together!! Yes! I've only been waiting for that to happen since the beginning of Season 3!

Episode Grade: I'm gonna give it a B. I felt like there was too much going on in this episode. Too many cuts from here, to there, to everywhere. I'm excited to see what's coming up next.

The 100 images are from http://screencapped.net/tv/the100/ and all gifs were found through google image searches. This review is 100% my honest opinions. If you don't like what I had to say, I don't care.

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