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What Did I Think Of: The 100: Season 3, Episode 12 -Demons- (SPOILERS!)

This week's episode was a little interesting because it seemed to take a bit of a detour from what the season has been so far. Well, half of the episode took a departure, the other half continued on with the AI mayhem. This episode was split into two parts: Polis and Arkadia, so that's how I'm going to set up my review. I enjoyed this week's episode. These last few episodes are also helping bring back that feel of The 100 Seasons 1 and 2, which is a plus for me. I love seeing our band of misfits, originals, whatever you want to call them, back together again. I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again, it's been a real struggle for me in Season 3, having my band of merry men in complete different places. I really think the magic is when they are all together, united against a common foe, helping each other out, and surviving in this crazy world they've found themselves in.
So onto the review...

Polis (aka Murphy is an unhappy love slave)

We get a whole lot of Murphy in this episode, which I'm fine with. Murphy has been a character who's really grown on me as the Seasons have progressed. He's a little trapped at the moment. Still at the beck and call of the crazy Ontari as the fake flamekeeper. Things aren't looking too bright for him. I mean, it's not like he's being tortured or anything, but I just got the feeling that he's trapped and stuck in a situation he doesn't want to be in, but can't find a way out of. I think Murphy really regrets staying with Clarke, and not escaping when he had the chance. Yes, I still blame Clarke for abandoning him there.

And finally, Emori makes her way back to Murphy. I'd been kind of wondering where she's been. It was so nice to see Murphy happy for a little bit, but then he also felt so guilty for not being true to her. He lets Emori know what's going on, and she doesn't get mad at him. At first glance, it's cool that she's so understanding. At second glance, it's a little weird that she's not at least a little mad or hurt. So Murphy has a little happiness with Emori before Ontari ruins it, and summons for his presence. Murphy's happiness is always so short lived.
Murphy is called to stand with Ontari as she takes questions and requests from her new subjects. A strange, cloaked man is next in line. And crap-on-a-stick, it's crazy Jaha. He's made his way to Polis to cause more mayhem.

What's most frustrating about this part is that Murphy is betrayed again. Emori has joined the City of Light. No wonder she wasn't mad about the whole Ontari thing, because her brain has been taken over by that annoying woman in red, ALIE. I felt so bad for Murphy. The heartbreak. The betrayal. The frustration of Jaha actually convincing people to join in on his stupid plan and ruining everything. So Murphy ends up betrayed, out of Ontari's good graces, and locked up. Polis has fallen. Crap crap crap.

We're Doomed.

Arkadia (aka campy horror style)

The episode starts off with a ghost story, a campfire tale of horror, which helps set the tone for this half of the episode. Everything that happened in Arkadia was terrifying, but kind of campy at the same time. It had that horror/slasher movie feel. The episode starts with Miller, Harper, and Brian telling ghost stories, and then the ghost stories come true. They are abducted by a mystery man!!!

Cut to the rest of the gang entering a creepy, abandoned Arkadia, with the intention of finding Lincoln's journal, and then continuing on the quest to find Luna? maybe? possibly?

I've mentioned this before, but I love seeing them all back together! It took too long this Season for them to all get back together. Some people loved all the separate storylines, I was not one of them. It would have been so much better for me, if Clarke's pointless stay in Polis had been cut much, much shorter. This is where the magic is right here, when the gang is all back together fighting for their people.
But the Arkadia they come back to is suuuuuper sketchy. All the zombiefied ALIE residents have left, presumably on their trek to accomplish phase 2 of the evvvilll plot.

Arkadia is abandoned. It looks like people just walked off and left in the middle of eating and living. The lights are flickering, (I don't actually know why they are doing that. Maybe to just add to the creepy/slasher vibe) and Bellamy can't get Miller, Harper, and Brian on the walkie. Things are not looking good. Once inside the compound, the team splits up (BAD IDEA, always a bad idea to split up in a horror situation).

Bellamy goes off on his own to scout, look for weapons, and just investigate in general. Octavia and Jasper go off to find Lincoln's journal (the sadness :( I miss Lincoln). The mystery horror man also manages to knock out Jasper and capture Octavia in this sequence. Raven, Monty, Sinclair, and Clarke go off to try to figure out more about ALIE 2. Raven now has all kinds of insight from having ALIE 1 in her brain, and together the team manages to activate the chip with some words. What does all this mean? 

Raven also seems weirdly interested in that chip, like almost too interested. I would think, after all the trouble she went through of getting ALIE 1 out of her head, she would be very cautious about the second AI. But I mean, she puts her face reeeeeaaaal close to that thing, so close, it almost looks like it's going to enter her.


Monty and Clarke find themselves in a creepy, flickering light hallway. Some creepy music starts playing. Clarke decides to find the source of the creepy music. Monty offers up words of immense wisdom, that IT'S NOT SMART TO FOLLOW THE CREEPY MUSIC. BAD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN CREEPY MUSIC IS PRESENT. COMMON SENSE SAYS NOT TO FOLLOW THE MUSIC. RUN THE OTHER WAY! Does Clarke listen to Monty? Of course not. Does she ever listen to anybody. So following the creepy music turned out to be a bad idea (shocker). Clarke and Monty get attacked by mystery horror man, Clarke manages to get away, and abandons Monty, doesn't even try to save him. Shameful. And she runs straight into Bellamy's arms!

The mystery/horror man then goes after Raven and Sinclair. Bellamy tries to warn them, but he is too late. There was a whole bunch of night vision and mayhem. And the most upsetting part of the episode happened, another death, a death that really did just feel pointless. Sinclair died protecting Raven. I don't know why he had to die. Why The 100 writers felt it necessary to kill the only adult in that little group, Raven's adoptive father, why put Raven through more pain. Yeah, that death just felt unnecessary. There have been a lot of deaths this season, some deaths that really angered people, some deaths I understood because what was happening in real life, some deaths that just happened to have a death, and then a pointless death that was suffered by Sinclair. The deaths that I'm most mad about this season are Lincoln, Sinclair, Monroe, and even in a sense, Monty's mom, just because it was Monty that had to pull the trigger. I would really like not to have to suffer a loss for the rest of the season, but I know that probably won't happen.

R.I.P. SINCLAIR. You will be missed and you should have been spared. You were OG cast member from Season 1. They should have just let you survive. Writers, I'm not pleased.

And the Big Reveal: Mystery Man of Evil is...
Emerson!! Our old Mount Weather foe.

Can't say I was surprised, because I expected that it was him. That dirty dog. He's captured all of Clarke's friends and has them all tied up. Clarke is ready to go full martyr and asks Bellamy to take the ALIE 2 chip and get it to Luna. Bellamy tells her that he's not letting her go alone, that that's a stupid plan, yayy!! But yeah, that was a stupid plan Clarke. To just sacrifice yourself. Not that Bellamy's plan was that good either, but it was better than Clarke's. I guess they really didn't have that much time to think of a good plan. 
Emerson tells Clarke to come to the airlock, where he's holding all her friends. He figures out Bellamy's with her and threatens Octavia to get Bellamy to surrender, it works. Emerson's ultimate plan is to make Clarke suffer what he's suffered. He wants her to watch all her friends die by locking them all in the airlock and suffocating them. 
I was very tense during this part of the episode, cause I didn't know how they were going to get out of this one. Who or what was going to save them? I knew they couldn't all die. Imagine the riots in the streets from that one. In the end, it's ALIE 2 that saves the day. Clarke activates it and then shoves it into Emerson's neck. And now we know why only Nightbloods can absorb the ALIE 2

That chip will cause you to be real dead, real fast. Some people will argue that a certain, dead character is responsible for taking out Emerson, but that's just ridiculous. Delusions.
But man, what a violent death. Bleeding out the eyeballs and everything. Clarke really did go and kill everybody from the Mountain now.
In a way, I kind of felt bad for Emerson. Losing all his people, being the only one of his kind left, but I guess death is what he was really after. What kind of life is it when you've lost everybody that ever meant anything to you? I mean, a chunk of the Mountain Men deserved the death they got for messing with The 100. But isn't it an interesting conundrum to consider how Skaikru, Mountain Men, Grounders, are all just doing what it takes for their people to survive. How what one decides to do to survive can make you monstrous. The Walking Dead is another show that just explores this idea really well. There are no good guys.
But yeah, everybody survives! Well, everybody except Sinclair. Bellamy brings out Lincoln's body (sob sob sob) and they have a funeral of sorts for him and Sinclair. They burn the bodies, because that's the way it's done in Grounder tradition. Octavia finally, really breaks down. So sad. The last thing of note is that the group splits up again. Bellamy, Clarke, Jasper, and Octavia going to find Luna, while Monty, Miller, Harper, Brian, and Raven stay at Arkadia to work on defeating ALIE. Sad to see them split up. I hope everybody stays alive. And I'm a little sad that Monty and Jasper didn't share a hug goodbye. JONTY I need you to make up.

Episode Grade B+
Enjoyed seeing my gang back together. The ALIE storyline is moving right along. My poor, poor Murphy. RIP Sinclair. Excited for next week's episode, but please, just keep my characters alive.

imgaes taken from google images and weirdly, they still don't have the stills from Episode 11.

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