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What Did I Think Of: The 100: Season 3, Episode 9 -Stealing Fire- (SPOILERS!)

Yayy! It's finally back. The 100 is finally back after its two week hiatus. I could just explode with happiness.
3.09 of The 100 in a nutshell...

followed up by...

I'm going to try to sum up everything I felt for 3.09 as quick as I can. I'm feeling lazy as I type this and I don't want to be up all night trying to prefect everything. And WARNING: HERE THERE BE SPOILERS! Although if you've been on the internet and haven't already been SPOILED, I would be shocked.

Clarke and Murphy

We meet back up with Clarke and Murphy in this episode and at first it's unclear how things are going to go for them. When we last saw them, Lexa had just been shot and Titus had locked them in the room. I assumed that things would go badly, maybe Titus would spin it somehow and blame Clarke for Lexa's death, because it's been pretty clear that he never really liked Clarke. And so... Titus just lets them go. That was a little weird. Murphy is pretty okay with leaving and expectantly looks at Clarke, but then Clarke has to be the annoying girl she's been all Season and demands she has to stay to make sure Aden becomes leader and blah blah blah. Clarke hasn't been my favorite this season. I want her to go back home! and she always wants to hang around in Polis. I thought she would finally go home in this episode, but she did not.

So blah blah blah. Clarke tries to save the day. Tells Titus his people's ways are stupid. Disrespectful. Tries to steal the AI that was in Lexa's neck so she can give it to someone who would make a better leader. Titus then bestows on her the honor of being Flamekeeper, gives her the AI, and she's on a new mission to find the only other person she knows of with Black Blood, which is a commander that Lincoln mentioned only briefly, all the way back in Season 1, named Luna. One interesting tidbit learned in this sequence of annoying Clarkes is that if a non-black blood tries to implant the AI in themselves, they die.
Murphy is the only thing that made this whole escapade with Clarke bearable. Love his sarcasm and sass. He was expressing everything that I was feeling when Clarke kept insisting to stay, annoyance. He couldn't leave her, but he was over Polis and wanted to get out of there. I've been over Polis since Episode 3. I really hope Clarke manages to go back to Arkadia, because I am tired of this crap of her being separated from everybody. I need the A-Team back together.


Remember the Ice Queen's protege? Well, she's back. She's back for the ceremony that will choose the next Heda, and she really wants to be the next Heda. She wants to be the next Heda sooo badly that she goes and kills all her competition. Yes folks, sweet little Aden and all the other black bloods are dead because they've lost their heads to Ontari.

Interesting to note that in choosing the next Heda, all the black bloods have to fight to the death anyway. That that's the way the commander's spirit chooses them, makes them the strongest in battle or something. But Ontari is not exactly the Heda that anyone wants to have, well anyone except Ice Nation. She's mean, all about the power, and plans on wiping out Skaikru once and for all. Even Titus doesn't want her, which is why he gives the AI to Clarke.

Ontari did have a unexpected scene with Murphy, in that it seemed she was kind of in to him. I guess she likes that sass. Looks like Emori might have to find a new boyfriend, cause Murphy might just turn into the upcoming Heda's lover!!


Bellamy is FINALLY on his road to redemption and making the right choices, unfortunately nobody trusts him. He's trying to make right, trying to come up with some kind of plan to rescue Kane, Sinclair, and Lincoln from Pike. Pike has labeled them all traitors and plans to execute them to prove his strength and what happens if you cross him. Unfortunately, Bellamy doesn't really get to do much in this episode. He gets a little tied up.

Bellamy goes to talk strategy with Octavia, she drugs him, and he ends up tied up in a cave with Indra.
I actually would have been interested to see what Bellamy's plan was for rescuing Kane, Lincoln, and Sinclair. I wonder if things would have turned out differently. He does have Pike's trust, which could have been useful for getting them all out.

The Escape

Fun Fun Fun! I knew Octavia would think of a way to get them out of there. Loved how they popped up out of the floor after tricking Pike and the other guards. It just brought back to mind the Season 1 Octavia, who had to hide everyday of her life while on the Ark.
The escape also brought us this...

Finally. and this...

*wipes away tears*


Now for the saddest, most heart-wrenching, biggest SPOILER of the episode. Lincoln's ultimate sacrifice for his people. When Pike threatens to kill the Grounders still trapped in the prison, Lincoln turns himself in. He does it to save his people. This was the saddest part of the episode, and it has to be one of the saddest moments of the season thus far. Lincoln's death caused me to cry real tears. I knew that Lincoln was the next to go, ever since I heard of the leading role Ricky Whittle secured in the new show American Gods, I knew Lincoln's days were numbered. His death scene tore me up. It was so brutal, so final, and I still haven't recovered from it. I thought Pike wanted to make the traitors deaths into an example for the residents of Arkadia of what happens if you cross him, so I found it weird that Lincoln was executed with no big show. But man, I will never recover from that scene.

Lincoln, I will miss you. Thank you Ricky Whittle for doing such a great job and portraying such a great character. You'll be missed and Lincoln will be missed. Can't wait to see the bigger and better stuff you have planned. I'm sure American Gods is going to be awesome.

Random Thoughts:
- No Raven, Jaha, Jasper, or ALIE in this episode, which was a little weird. Looks like next week's episodes focus is going to be all about ALIE though.

So glad to see him in this episode, I've missed him. He's become one of my favorites this season. I wonder if he'll be around more.

- Fan Reaction: I really should stop going on twitter after the show airs, because people on there just annoy me. The backlash is all about Lincoln's death now. I really get annoyed of this whole they killed off a homosexual character and now they've killed off a person of color crap. And then the inevitable That's it, I'm not watching anymore. I'm boycotting The 100. Jason Rothenberg needs to be fired and we, the fans need to have control over the direction of the show. What does it even matter if Lincoln was black, white, red, or orange; be mad that we lost a great character, not because he was black. It's sooo PC and sooo annoying. I get annoyed that people can't realize that this is a post-apocalyptic show and that means a lot of people are going to die. Skin color and sexual orientation don't matter, just because you are black or gay doesn't guarantee you immortality on a post-apocalyptic show. And all these calls to fire Jason, please. I don't think Jason Rothenberg is the greatest guy ever, but I think he's made a good show. I will say that Season 3 isn't turning out to be the best season ever, mostly because of pandering to a certain audience and storyline, but he's produced a very entertaining show. If I had to watch a show made by the fans who are so up in arms, I'd probably hate it. They'd take everything good about The 100 and ruin it. I am tired of the loudmouths on Twitter. If you're going to boycott the show, fine, do it. I don't need to hear about it. The fate of The 100 should not be based on the whims of loudmouth, teen fans. 

Finally an episode that gives me the feels that Season 2 brought. I'm gonna need Clarke to get her act back together and just go home. RIP Lincoln. You were awesome and I'm going to miss you.

The 100 screenshots are from http://screencapped.net/tv/the100/ and all gifs are from google image searches.

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