Review Policy

Hi! If you're looking at this page you could be just curious or you could be considering having me review a book for you.Whichever the case, I welcome you to this page! I will happily review books and publish an honest review on my blog, my goodreads page, and
I'm mainly interested in reading YA books, some older middle grade books, and a slim amount of adult books, so those would be the books I would accept to review. I would accept books from publishers, authors, and self-published books.
I am capable of accepting physical copies or e-books through my Kindle, but I would much rather prefer physical copies.
Genres I would accept to review

Young Adult
Light Science Fiction
Light Fantasy

Middle Grade

Urban Fantasy

Any review I put up will be my honest opinion on the book.
My rating system is on a 1 to 5 bookcitement level. 1 would be a really dreadful book and 5 would be a book so fantastic that it blew me away. Also, at the end of my review I leave a one sentence comment summing up the book or something I think is catchy or fun. This sum up sentence would just be on the review posted on my actual blog.
To contact me regarding a review request simply email me at:
I will try to contact you as soon as I can regarding the request. I don't promise to accept any and every request, I will only accept requests for books that I'm interested in reading.
I will try to post all my reviews in a timely manner and will post close to or on the release date if that is requested.
Thanks for considering me to review your book!