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Review: In An Absent Dream (Wayward Children #4) by Seanan McGuire

Title: In An Absent Dream (Wayward Children #4)
Author: Seanan McGuire
Published by: Tom Doherty Associates
Released: 2018
Source: Library

Synopsis: This fourth entry and prequel tells the story of Lundy, a very serious young girl who would rather study and dream than become a respectable housewife and live up to the expectations of the world around her. As well she should.
When she finds a doorway to a world founded on logic and reason, riddles and lies, she thinks she's found her paradise. Alas, everything costs at the goblin market, and when her time there is drawing to a close, she makes the kind of bargain that never plays out well. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: *Le Sigh* I wish that I could love these things like everybody else does. I didn't love this. I thought the story was interesting enough, but the way it was told irritated me. It skipped over every action scene, quest, and journey, and would then mention them later in passing. We never saw any of it! I think that's lazy writing. It's a lazy way to tell a story without really showing anything. Controversial opinion when it comes to this author and this series, I know.
I was also irritated because this character called Mockery was mentioned over and over with sadness, because she's dead, but the story NEVER EVEN INTRODUCED HER! Why should I even care? Don't know her. That's not fair value storytelling.
Parts of Lundy's story were interesting. She was different from the other kids in the Wayward Children Series because she could go back and forth between worlds. Her door was always there waiting for her. It was also interesting that her dad visited the same world when he was a child.
And I guess the moral is that in life, you eventually have to make a choice. You can't have everything.


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

BLOG TOUR: The Heirloom Garden by Viola Shipman

I'm very excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for The Heirloom Garden by Viola Shipman. I received a free copy for honest review from the publisher. Thanks so much to Graydon House and Viola Shipman (who I just found out is a pen name based on the author's grandma) for letting me be a part of this fun tour!

Title: The Heirloom Garden
Author: Viola Shipman
Published by: Graydon House
Released: April 28, 2020
Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Synopsis: In her inimitable style, Viola Shipman explores the unlikely relationship between two very different women brought together by the pain of war, but bonded by hope, purpose…and flowers.
Iris Maynard lost her husband in World War II, her daughter to illness and, finally, her reason to live. Walled off from the world for decades behind the towering fence surrounding her home, Iris has built a new family…of flowers. Iris propagates her own daylilies and roses while tending to a garden filled with the heirloom starts that keep the memories of her loved ones alive.
When Abby Peterson moves next door with her family—a husband traumatized by his service in the Iraq War and a young daughter searching for stability—Iris is reluctantly yet inevitably drawn into her boisterous neighbor’s life, where, united by loss and a love of flowers, she and Abby tentatively unearth their secrets, and help each other discover how much life they have yet to live.
With delightful illustrations and fascinating detail, Viola Shipman’s heartwarming story will charm readers while resonating with issues that are so relevant today. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: What a sweet and pure story. I really enjoyed this tale of friendship and healing. Iris has pretty much given up on the world, it has brought her nothing but pain. She lost her husband, her child, and decides to wall herself away and not let anyone get close enough to lose.
Iris is pretty obsessed with her flowers. They have become her babies, her family, her everything. The way that she loves her garden is intense. I'm glad that she found something that she could be passionate about, but Iris's level of loving flowers is to the extreme. Iris hides herself behind her walls and inside her garden until a curious new neighbor takes notice.
I really liked how Iris was able to open herself up to her neighbors who were also struggling. It was a great story of friendship and camaraderie. Iris needed to care about people again.
Abby is also in need of some help. With a husband struggling with PTSD, she needs someone to lean on. It's really quite sweet how these two women find each other and help each other.
I really enjoyed the writing style and storytelling, it was just a sweet read. I also really enjoyed the setting as well as all the descriptions of the flowers.
This was a very sweet story about friendship. It made me feel happy while reading it. I enjoyed it.

Message From the Author:

Dear Reader:

Does your garden tell a story? Mine does. And it’s the inspiration behind my new novel, The Heirloom Garden, which explores the unlikely relationship between two very different women brought together by the pain of war, but bonded by hope, purpose … and flowers.
My grandma was a grand gardener, and many of her original flowers (like her perfumed peonies!) now live in my garden. Each has a memory that reminds me of family. If you love multigenerational sagas filled with hope and history (this explores WWII Victory Gardens, and 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of WWII’s end), love to garden or just love books and flowers, The Heirloom Garden is the spring “pick” for you!
I consider The Heirloom Garden to be my richest, deepest, and most moving work to date. It explores how loss and loneliness affect us, how we cope and – too often – how we don’t. As an author, I always start my novels notwith an heirloom in mind, or certain character, but a question. In this novel, my questions were, “What makes us isolate ourselves from the world? And what gives us hope?” In the novel, two women scarred by war – World War II and the Iraq War – are united by loss and a love of flowers. In my case, much of the pain I explore in the novel is real: My brother died when he was just 17, still a child in so many ways, and his loss had a profound impact on me and my family. How we healed, how we came together, how we found faith – and each other – again is a huge part of this novel.
2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II (on August 15, 1945, Japan surrendered, with documents signed on the deck of the American battleship USS Missouri on September 2, officially ending the war). In addition, The Heirloom Garden also explores the history of Victory Gardens and their importance in America and World War II. Thousands of gardens were started in cities, large and small, all across America – women leading the charge – and they helped feed their own families and communities as well as our troops and allies. Today’s resurgence of urban and community gardens is a legacy of those Victory Gardens.
Like my previous book, The Summer Cottage – which was the #1 bestselling novel in Michigan last year – I am honored to be able to write novels that are inspired by my grandmothers’ and mom’s heirlooms, lives, lessons and love. The multigenerational family sagas I write are meant to serve as a universal tribute to our elders, whose stories and sacrifices helped shape us and make us the people we are today. And in these turbulent times, my novels are meant to remind us what matters most in life. It is readers like you who constantly remind me what matters most. Thank you for your support, and I truly hope you love The Heirloom Garden.

Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog Tour Stop for The Heirloom Garden by Viola Shipman. Thanks so much to the publisher and Viola Shipman for letting me be a part of this fun tour. If this book sounds like something you'd enjoy, I'd definitely recommend giving it a read.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

BLOG TOUR: Burn Zone (Hotshots #1) by Annabeth Albert

I'm excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for Burn Zone by Annabeth Albert. This is the first book in the new Hotshots Series. I received a free copy for honest review from the publisher. Thanks so much to Carina Press and Annabeth Albert for letting me be a part of this hot tour!

Title: Burn Zone (Hotshots #1)
Author: Annabeth Albert
Published by: Carina Press
Released: April 27, 2020
Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Synopsis: Introducing Annabeth Albert’s Hotshots series—the emotions and intensity of Chicago Fire with the raw, natural elements of Man vs. Wild.
Danger lurks everywhere for Central Oregon’s fire crews, but the biggest risk of all might be losing their hearts…
Smoke jumper Lincoln Reid is speechless to see Jacob Hartman among his squad’s new recruits. Linc had promised his late best friend he’d stay away from his little brother. And yet here Jacob is…and almost instantly, the same temptation Linc has always felt around him is causing way too many problems.
Jacob gets everyone’s concerns, but he’s waited years for his shot at joining the elite smoke jumping team, hoping to honor his brother’s memory. He’s ready to tackle any challenge Linc throws his way, and senses the chemistry between them—chemistry Linc insists on ignoring—is still alive and kicking. This time, Jacob’s determined to get what he wants.
Close quarters and high stakes make it difficult for Linc to keep his resolve, never mind do so while also making sure the rookie’s safe. But the closer they get, the more Linc’s plan to leave at the end of the season risks him breaking another promise: the one his heart wants to make to Jacob. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: This book was a little out of my comfort zone, but I did enjoy it. I liked learning about Smoke Jumpers. This book had a lot of heat in more ways then one.
I did like the romance, even though it started out a little iffy. There's always a risk when you decide to date a best friend's sibling. It can turn out pretty weird for all parties involved.
There were a lot of sexy times in this book. Their relationship starts off as a sexy time and kind of grows from there. The did have some history in the past, but they never acted on anything until this point. They do grow with each other and learn about each other.
I also loved the dogs in this story. Any books with dogs is the best.
I enjoyed this story. I enjoyed the setting, the fire team aspect. The romance was pretty cute. I'm interested to see where this series goes.

Frequent tweeter, professional grammar nerd, and obsessive reader, Annabeth Albert is also a Pacific Northwest romance writer in a variety of subgenres.
Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two toddlers.

Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog Tour Stop for Burn Zone (Hotshots #1) by Annabeth Albert. Thank you to Carina Press and Annabeth Albert for having me on this tour. If this book sounds good to you, I'd definitely recommend picking it up.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Review: 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston

Title: 10 Blind Dates
Author: Ashley Elston
Published by: Hyperion
Released: October 2019
Source: Library

Synopsis: Sophie wants one thing for Christmas-a little freedom from her overprotective parents. So when they decide to spend Christmas in South Louisiana with her very pregnant older sister, Sophie is looking forward to some much needed private (read: make-out) time with her long-term boyfriend, Griffin. Except it turns out that Griffin wants a little freedom from their relationship. Cue devastation.
Heartbroken, Sophie flees to her grandparents' house, where the rest of her boisterous extended family is gathered for the holiday. That's when her nonna devises a (not so) brilliant plan: Over the next ten days, Sophie will be set up on ten different blind dates by different family members. Like her sweet cousin Sara, who sets her up with a hot guy at an exclusive underground party. Or her crazy aunt Patrice, who signs Sophie up for a lead role in a living nativity. With a boy who barely reaches her shoulder. And a screaming baby.
When Griffin turns up unexpectedly and begs for a second chance, Sophie feels more confused than ever. Because maybe, just maybe, she's started to have feelings for someone else . . . Someone who is definitely not available.
This is going to be the worst Christmas break ever... or is it? (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: This was adorable! So cute, so fun, so quick. It was just something that was a lot of fun to read. 
I loved the family aspect of it. Sophie had such a big family. I did have a little trouble keeping track of all the cousins, aunts, and uncles. There was a lot of them.
I would also hate if my family did this to me. I wouldn't be as open minded or game as Sophie was.
I liked seeing all of Sophie's different dates, the good and the bad. I couldn't believe the date that took place at that sketchy drive in movie *shudders*. They were all just really fun to follow. I couldn't wait to see what date was coming for Sophie next. I also really enjoyed how her family started betting on the dates for when they would end.
The love story was also cute too. They were a good pair.
10 Blind Dates was just really cute and I had a great time reading it. This is the perfect book if you're looking for something fun. It's also a great Christmas book, if you want a festive book for the holidays.

So fun, So cute. I loved it.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

BLOG TOUR: The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill

I'm really excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill. As soon as I saw this cover I thought of warm weather and happiness. I received a free copy for honest review from the publisher. Thanks so much to MIRA and Melissa Hill for giving me the chance to read this book and be a part of this fun tour!

Title: The Summer Villa
Author: Melissa Hill
Published by: MIRA
Released: April 28, 2020
Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Synopsis: Three women. One summer reunion. Secrets will be revealed…
Villa Dolce Vita, a rambling stone house on the Amalfi Coast, sits high above the Gulf of Naples amid dappled lemon groves and fragrant, tumbling bougainvillea. Kim, Colette and Annie all came to the villa in need of escape and in the process forged an unlikely friendship.
Now, years later, Kim has transformed the crumbling house into a luxury retreat and has invited her friends back for the summer to celebrate.
But as friendships are rekindled under the Italian sun, secrets buried in the past will come to light, and not everyone is happy that the three friends are reuniting… Each woman will have things to face up to if they are all to find true happiness and fully embrace the sweet life.
An epic summer read about food, friendship and the magic of Italy, perfect for fans of Mary Kay Andrews and Susan Mallery. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: This was a nice, little reading vacation. I got to travel to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, which I've never been to in real life. It sounds like a beautiful place. I just really liked the atmosphere in this read. It had the feeling of a trip abroad.
It was also a story about three people coming together and becoming friends. They all have different things going on in their lives, but at Villa Dolce Vita, they can relax and enjoy the sun.
We as readers get to follow each character's story: Kim, Colette, and Annie. It was fun seeing before and afters of where they started and where they are at now.
All in all, I thought this book was a lot of fun. Sometimes the descriptions could be a little much, but it did add to the overall flavor of the story. This is the perfect kind of vacation reading. A book to get your mind off the real world. I had a good time reading it.

USA Today & international #1 bestselling Irish author Melissa Hill lives in Dublin. Her page-turning, contemporary novels of families and friendship are published worldwide and translated into 25 different languages.
Her books are regular chart-toppers in Ireland and internationally, and SOMETHING FROM TIFFANY'S (aka A GIFT FROM TIFFANY'S) - a holiday romance set in New York - became one of Italy's 2011 Top Ten bestselling books.
Two of her books are currently in development for big-screen Hollywood features and another, A GIFT TO REMEMBER is airing now on Hallmark Channel US and Sky Cinema in Ireland/UK (as A GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS) with a sequel underway.
Her latest novel, KEEP YOU SAFE has also been optioned for UK TV.
For more info visit her website at
Twitter: @melissahillbks Facebook:
Melissa also co-writes forensic thrillers with her husband under the pseudonym Casey Hill.
Her Facebook:

Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog Tour Stop for The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill. If it sounds like something you'd love to read, I'd definitely recommend adding it to your TBR. Thanks so much to MIRA and Melissa Hill for having me on this tour.

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BLOG TOUR: The Innocent's Forgotten Wedding by Lynne Graham

I'm really excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for The Innocent's Forgotten Wedding by Lynne Graham. I received a free copy for honest review. Thanks so much to Harlequin Presents and Lynne Graham for letting me be a part of this fun tour.

Title: The Innocent's Forgotten Wedding
Author: Lynne Graham
Published by: Harlequin Presents
Released: April 1, 2020
Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Synopsis: The Italian husband she can’t remember

…or resist!

After a terrible car crash, Brooke can’t remember her own name—much less her wedding day! Finding irresistible Lorenzo Tassini at her bedside—and a gold band on her finger—is shocking.

Honor-bound to care for his estranged wife, Lorenzo whisks her to his luxury Tuscan villa. But Brooke’s nothing like Lorenzo remembers! Her sweetness surprises him, as does the chemistry between them, blazing like never before. Stunned to discover her virginity, Lorenzo must uncover the secrets of the woman wearing his ring… (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: This story was quite a ride. It had some major twists that weren't what I was expecting. I really enjoyed it though. I loved the whole memory loss thing, the luxurious Tuscan Villa, and the whole thought of rediscovering someone you thought you already knew or did you??
I had a lot of fun with this story. It was a really fun one to just lose myself in.
I liked the couple, Brooke and Lorenzo. I'm not sure how I feel about the sister thing that's going on. It definitely gave me a shock.
The romance was good. They had some great chemistry and steam. I did enjoy it.
I had fun with this one. It was a good time to read and it took my mind off the world for a while. If you like romance and this one sounds good to you, I'd definitely say give it a read. 

Lynne Graham was born on July 30, 1956 of Irish-Scottish parentage. She has lived in Northern Ireland all her life. She grew up in a seaside village with her brother. She learnt to read at the age of 3, and hasn't stopped since then.

Lynne first met her husband when she was 14. At 15, she wrote her first book, but it was rejected everywhere. Lynne married after she completed a degree at Edinburgh University. She started writing again when she was at home with her first child. It took several attempts before she sold her first book in 1987 and the delight of seeing that first book for sale in the local newsagents has never been forgotten. Now, there are over 10 million of her books in print worldwide.

Lynne always wanted a large family and has five children. Her eldest and her only natural child is 19 and currently at university. Her other four children, who are every bit as dear to her heart, are adopted. She has two 9-year-olds adopted from Sri Lanka and a 5- and a 3-year-old adopted from Guatemala. In Lynne's home, there is a rich and diverse cultural mix, which adds a whole extra dimension of interest and discovery to family life. The family lives in a country house surrounded by a woodland garden, which is wonderfully private. The family has two pets. Thomas, a very large and affectionate black cat, bosses the dog and hunts rabbits. The dog is Daisy,an adorable but not very bright white West Highland terrier, who loves being chased by the cat. At night, dog and cat sleep together in front of the kitchen stove. Lynne loves gardening, cooking, collects everything from old toys to rock specimens and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.

Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog Tour Stop for The Innocent's Forgotten Wedding by Lynne Graham. If you're looking for a book to lose yourself in and just have a good time, I'd definitely say give this a shot. Thanks so much to Harlequin Presents and Lynne Graham for letting me be a part of this fun tour.

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BLOG TOUR: Temper (Knights of Fury #3) by Chantal Fernando

I am really excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for Temper by Chantal Fernando. I was provided with an early copy for honest review. Thanks so much to Carina Press and Chantal Fernando for letting me be a part of this fun tour!

Title: Temper (Knights of Fury #3)
Author: Chantal Fernando
Published by: Carina Press
Released: April 20, 2020
 Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Synopsis: New York Times bestselling author Chantal Fernando returns to the Knights of Fury series with her most complicated hero yet. He may be the epitome of cool, but this MC president isn’t called Temper for nothing…
Every year, the hot, tatted biker comes into Abbie’s bar, orders whiskey and asks her out. Every year, Abbie turns him down. After all, dating a man that goes by Temper seems like a really bad idea, no matter how attracted she is to him.
But this year is different. Abbie’s different. Older, wiser and tired of being stuck behind the bar in a sleepy town. This year, she’s ready for whatever adventure the sexy but sweet biker has in store for her.
Or so she thinks…until an elegant candlelit dinner ends with a dead body.
Now Abbie finds herself on the ride of her life, whisked away to the big city in Temper’s protective custody. She should be scared, but—despite his nickname—it’s clear the last thing Temper would ever do is hurt a hair on her head. And when danger catches up with them, Abbie soon realizes that holding tight to her man while straddling a Harley may be the safest place of all. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: I liked this a lot! The premise of Temper was what grabbed me at first, this dangerous motorcycle guy asking Abbie out year after year and her turning him down. After five years, she says yes, and it leads to a crazy turn of events.
Temper was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed both of our main characters, Abbie and Temper. Their romance was so good. I liked how they got caught up in this crazy situation and had to learn to depend on her. Temper maybe shouldn't have kidnapped her and tied her up, but other then that, he was a great guy.
I really enjoyed all the action in this book. It definitely kept me on my toes. It was a great book to get lost in.
I don't read a lot of MC Romance books, but I'd definitely read more of this series. It was a lot of fun with some great steam. Even though Temper is the third book in the Knights of Fury Series, I didn't feel lost by not being familiar with the first two books. I definitely want to go back and read the series from the beginning.

New York Times, Amazon & USA Today Bestselling Author Chantal Fernando is thirty years old and lives in Western Australia.
Lover of all things romance, Chantal is the author of the best selling books Dragon's Lair, Maybe This Time and many more.
When not reading, writing or daydreaming she can be found enjoying life with her three sons and family.
Chantal loves to hear from readers and can be found here:
FB author page:

Thank you for stopping by my Blog Tour Stop for Temper by Chantal Fernando. Thanks so much to Carina Press and Chantal Fernando for letting me be a part of this fun tour. If MC Romances are your thing, I'd definitely recommend picking up a copy of Temper.

Monday, April 20, 2020

BLOG TOUR: Truths I Never Told You by Kelly Rimmer

I am so excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for Truths I Never Told You by Kelly Rimmer. I received a free e-copy for honest review from the publisher. Thanks so much to Graydon House and Kelly Rimmer for letting me be a part of this fun tour!

Title: Truths I Never Told You
Author: Kelly Rimmer
Published by: Graydon House
Released: April 14, 2020
Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Synopsis: From the bestselling author of The Things We Cannot Say comes a poignant novel about the fault in memories and the lies that can bond a family together—or tear it apart.

With her father recently moved to a care facility for his worsening dementia, Beth Walsh volunteers to clear out the family home and is surprised to discover the door to her childhood playroom padlocked. She’s even more shocked at what’s behind it—a hoarder’s mess of her father’s paintings, mounds of discarded papers and miscellaneous junk in the otherwise fastidiously tidy house.

As she picks through the clutter, she finds a loose journal entry in what appears to be her late mother’s handwriting. Beth and her siblings grew up believing their mother died in a car accident when they were little more than toddlers, but this note suggests something much darker. Beth soon pieces together a disturbing portrait of a woman suffering from postpartum depression and a husband who bears little resemblance to the loving father Beth and her siblings know. With a newborn of her own and struggling with motherhood, Beth finds there may be more tying her and her mother together than she ever suspected.
Exploring the expectations society places on women of every generation, Kelly Rimmer explores the profound struggles two women unwittingly share across the decades set within an engrossing family mystery that may unravel everything they believed to be true. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed Truths I Never Told You. It's a story told in two time periods and it's a novel about family secrets and discovery. It dealt with the tough topic of postpartum depression, and I think it did a good job with it. It was also about a daughter discovering things about her mother that she never knew.
I liked the way that this story was told. I enjoyed the two different timelines and how one of them was told through letters. I'm always a fan of mixed medium.
This novel did deal with some hard topics. Not only was there the postpartum depression, but there was also watching the downhill struggle of a parent with dementia. Adult children having to make tough decisions for the well being of their parent.
I really enjoyed this novel by Kelly Rimmer. I'm definitely going to read more by her because I really liked how she tells a story. I'm glad I got to read this one.

Kelly Rimmer is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of ten novels, including The Secret Daughter and The Things We Cannot Say. She’s sold more than one million books, and her novels have been translated into more than 20 languages. Kelly lives in the Central West of New South Wales with her family and fantastically naughty dogs, Sully and Basil.

Thank you for stopping by my Blog Tour Stop for Truths I Never Told You by Kelly Rimmer. Thanks so much to Graydon House and Kelly Rimmer for letting me be a part of this fun tour. Be sure to check out this one and add it to your bookshelf.

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Reading Right Now! (252) O.W.L.S. Magical Readathon 2020!

Two books done for my O.W.L.S. Hurrah! Hooray! Whoopee!
In my fantasies, I thought I'd have more books done by now, but I am what I am, and it is what it is. 
I don't want to jinx myself, but I think I'll be able to get through the rest of my O.W.L.S. TBR more quickly. All the rest of the books are short, one is a comic, so it shouldn't take me long to finish them all.
What I'm Reading Right Now! is...

Charms-- Lumos Maxima: White Cover

Switchback (Nightshades #2) by Melissa F. Olson -- This is the second book in the Nightshades Trilogy. It's like a Special Investigative Team that focuses on vampire supernatural crime. They also have a Vampire on their team named Lindy.
It's been a minute since I read the first book, so I can't say I remember everything that happened in it, but I am enjoying this sequel. It's kind of a gritty vampire tale. It has action and has that FBI/police procedural element to it. I'm excited to read more of it. It's going by pretty quick so far.

And that's what I'm Reading Right Now! What are you reading?

Thursday, April 16, 2020

BLOG TOUR: Sunrise On Half Moon Bay by Robyn Carr

I'm really excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for Sunrise On Half Moon Bay by Robyn Carr. I received a free copy for honest review. Thanks so much to MIRA and Robyn Carr for letting me be a part of this tour.

Title: Sunrise on Half Moon Bay
Author: Robyn Carr
Published by: MIRA
Released: April 14, 2020
Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Synopsis: Sometimes the happiness we’re looking for has been there all along…

Adele and Justine have never been close. Born twenty years apart, Justine was already an adult when Addie was born. The sisters love each other but they don’t really know each other.

When Addie dropped out of university to care for their ailing parents, Justine, a successful lawyer, covered the expenses. It was the best arrangement at the time but now that their parents are gone, the future has changed dramatically for both women.

Addie had great plans for her life but has been worn down by the pressures of being a caregiver and doesn’t know how to live for herself. And Justine’s success has come at a price. Her marriage is falling apart despite her best efforts.

Neither woman knows how to start life over but both realize they can and must support each other the way only sisters can. Together they find the strength to accept their failures and overcome their challenges. Happiness is within reach, if only they have the courage to fight for it.
Set in the stunning coastal town of Half Moon Bay, #1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr’s new novel examines the joys of sisterhood and the importance of embracing change. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this story about two sisters coming together. I loved the setting of Half Moon Bay. The beachy coastal feel that I'm really missing in life right now. If I can't visit the beach, at least I can read about it. 
Sunrise on Half Moon Bay was a great story to get lost in. It took my mind off life for awhile. I was content to just put my worries aside and be stuck in the story of Addie and Justine.
I really liked how it was a story about sisters, sisters that don't have the closest of relationships at the beginning. It was just nice to see a good sibling story. They always say that a sister relationship is like no other and I really liked how this story explored that.
I'm really glad I got to read Sunrise on Half Moon Bay. It was a great escape.

Robyn Carr is a RITA® Award-winning, eleven-time #1 New York Times bestselling author of almost sixty novels, including the critically acclaimed Virgin River series. The fourth novel, THE BEST OF US, in her fan-favorite Sullivan's Crossing Series was released in Jan. 2019. Robyn's new women's fiction novel THE VIEW FROM ALAMEDA ISLAND, released in April 2019, deputed on four bestseller lists: The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Publisher's Weekly! Robyn is a recipient of the Romance Writers of America Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award 2016, and in 2017, VIRGIN RIVER was named one of the HarperCollins 200 Iconic Books of the past 200 years. Look for the Virgin River Netflix Series coming to Netflix in late 2019. Robyn currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can visit Robyn Carr's website at

Thank you for stopping by my Blog Tour Stop for Sunrise on Half Moon Bay by Robyn Carr. Thanks so much to MIRA and Robyn Carr for giving me the chance to read, review, and be on this tour!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

BLOG TOUR: Wyoming Special Delivery by Melissa Senate

I am very excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for Wyoming Special Delivery by Melissa Senate. I received a free copy for honest review. Thanks so much to Harlequin Special Edition and Melissa Senate for letting me be a part of this fun tour.

Title: Wyoming Special Delivery
Author: Melissa Senate
Published by: Harlequin Special Edition
Released: April 1, 2020
Source: Review Copy from Publisher/Netgalley
Their feuding fathers never 
could have predicted this…

He came to claim the Dawson Family Ranch…
But was Daisy Dawson’s heart part of the deal?
Harrison McCord was sure he was the rightful owner of the Dawson Family Ranch. And delivering Daisy Dawson’s baby on the side of the road was a mere diversion. Still, when Daisy found out his intentions, instead of pushing him away, she invited him in, figuring he’d start to see her in a whole new light. But what if she started seeing him that way, as well? (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: This was a cute and sweet romance between two people who needed it. Harrison McCord and Daisy Dawson have been thrown some curveballs by life, they are going through some stuff, and they end up finding each other.
This was a story where you didn't have to wait for the romance. These characters figured out pretty quickly who they liked. This was also a pretty tame romance, it's not going to be dangerous to read it in public.
I didn't know this was a part of a series until after I started reading it. I would definitely read more books in this series, about this family, and I think I would go back and read the previous book as well. It was just a nice read.
I really enjoyed this fun romance. I liked the characters, I like how they came together. I enjoyed my time with them.

I'm the author of many novels, including my debut, SEE JANE DATE (also available in cute TV movie form to stream); THE LOVE GODDESS' COOKING SCHOOL; and THE BABY SWITCH. I've had two novels published under a secret pen name, but I will happily share if you message me to ask!
I'm now writing romances for Harlequin Special Edition. 2020 kicks off my new miniseries, Dawson Family Ranch, about six siblings on their Wyoming dude ranch. In January: For The Twins' Sake. March: Wyoming Special Delivery. June: A Family For A Week. July: The Cowboy's Comeback (part of the new Montana Mavericks series). October: Christmas-themed novel. And more to come in 2021.
I also wrote seven Special Edition novels (in the Hurley's Homestyle Kitchen series 2016-2017) under the pen name Meg Maxwell. The Hurley's Homestyle Kitchen series is full of love, romance, sisterhood, relationships, and happy endings, of course.
I'm the proud mother of a terrific 17-year-old son. We (and our dog and cat) live on the coast of Maine.
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Thank you so much for stopping by my Blog Tour Stop for Wyoming Special Delivery by Melissa Senate. If you're looking for a cute romance to get your mind off of the world, I'd recommend this one. Thanks so much to Harlequin Special Edition and Melissa Senate for letting me be a part of the fun.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

BLOG TOUR: Dark Secret and the Darkhaven Saga by Danielle Rose


I am very excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for the first three books in the Darkhaven Saga by Danielle Rose. I was provided with free copies for honest review. Thanks so much to YA Bound Book Tours and Danielle Rose for letting me be a part of this fun tour! I'm only reviewing the first book in the series, but I definitely recommend checking out all of them.

Title: Dark Secret (Darkhaven Saga #1)
Author: Danielle Rose
Published by: Waterhouse Press LLC
Released: February 18, 2020
Source: Review Copy from YA Bound Book Tours and Publisher

Synopsis: There's no wrath like that of a witch scorned. 
Seventeen-year-old spirit witch Ava López is the self-appointed guardian of the witches and humans of Darkhaven, an idyllic village nestled between the forest and the sea. Her watch: vicious and bloodthirsty vampires.
Ava is a novice in the eyes of her coven. If she expects to protect them and the secrecy of their powers, she must gain better control of her own. When a full moon ritual goes awry, control may be lost forever, and Ava is exiled from her coven. Forced to seek refuge among the beings she had always sworn herself to hunt, she vows revenge on those who have upended her life.
But the more time Ava spends away from her coven, the more she discovers a startling truth: the witches haven’t been honest with her. Ava’s quest to strip the truth from everything she’s ever known begins with the toughest realization of all—coming to terms with who she has become. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: Witches, vampires, and secrets, so many secrets. This first book in the Darkhaven Saga was great! It was so much fun to read. I really did get sucked into the story. Danielle Rose's writing style really drew me in, it was fun and dramatic.
I love books about witches, vampires, magic, the whole shebang. It's always so fun for me to get lost in that world. I enjoyed the world of Dark Secret quite a lot. It really kept me on my toes with everything that was going on.
I also enjoyed Ava as a character. She had a lot to contend with and this story did a really good job of showing her journey, especially when things got hard.
I'm so glad that I got to read Dark Secret, the first book in the Darkhaven Saga. I'm also really glad that I have more Darkhaven Books to read. It's a good time. Full of witchy magic goodness.

The Saga Continues In...


Dubbed a "triple threat" by readers, Danielle Rose dabbles in many genres, including romance, fantasy, and suspense. The USA Today bestselling author holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine.

For more information about Danielle Rose, visit her website:

Thank you for stopping by my Blog Tour Stop for Dark Secret and the Darkhaven Saga by Danielle Rose. Thanks so much to YA Bound Book Tours and Danielle Rose for letting me be a part of this fun tour!