Thursday, April 30, 2020

Review: In An Absent Dream (Wayward Children #4) by Seanan McGuire

Title: In An Absent Dream (Wayward Children #4)
Author: Seanan McGuire
Published by: Tom Doherty Associates
Released: 2018
Source: Library

Synopsis: This fourth entry and prequel tells the story of Lundy, a very serious young girl who would rather study and dream than become a respectable housewife and live up to the expectations of the world around her. As well she should.
When she finds a doorway to a world founded on logic and reason, riddles and lies, she thinks she's found her paradise. Alas, everything costs at the goblin market, and when her time there is drawing to a close, she makes the kind of bargain that never plays out well. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: *Le Sigh* I wish that I could love these things like everybody else does. I didn't love this. I thought the story was interesting enough, but the way it was told irritated me. It skipped over every action scene, quest, and journey, and would then mention them later in passing. We never saw any of it! I think that's lazy writing. It's a lazy way to tell a story without really showing anything. Controversial opinion when it comes to this author and this series, I know.
I was also irritated because this character called Mockery was mentioned over and over with sadness, because she's dead, but the story NEVER EVEN INTRODUCED HER! Why should I even care? Don't know her. That's not fair value storytelling.
Parts of Lundy's story were interesting. She was different from the other kids in the Wayward Children Series because she could go back and forth between worlds. Her door was always there waiting for her. It was also interesting that her dad visited the same world when he was a child.
And I guess the moral is that in life, you eventually have to make a choice. You can't have everything.


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