Friday, June 30, 2017

Reading Right Now! (122)

What I'm Reading Right Now! is...

-- The Blair Witch Project: A Dossier by D.A. Stern-- Do you remember that Blair Witch movie that everyone thought was real for awhile? This book is a companion to that. It's set up in the same way, like it's a true story, delving deeper into the mysterious disappearances of these three college kids. It's told in a case file way, where we are getting interviews and evidence from the case. The family is trying to find answers, so they've hired a private investigator, and all the information the investigator found is compiled into this book by D.A. Stern.
Now, I watched the Blair Witch Project awhile ago, and thought it was okay. I won't say I was scared senseless by it. I found some of the characters to be kind of annoying. There's one that just does a lot of yelling, and more yelling. But it was interesting to watch. Even more interesting was the fact that so many people thought it was a real thing. This book is in that same vein.
I've read a book by D.A. Stern before, and really enjoyed it. It was a book told in the same kind of format, which I really do tend to like. It kind of makes for a more immersive story. A more real story, if that makes sense.
I'm getting near the end of this one, and I am enjoying it. I do think you would have had to watch the movie first to really enjoy this book. I don't know if it's something you could just pick up and enjoy fully without knowing anything about the movie. I don't think it would work as well. But if you did enjoy the movie, I'd say give the book a shot. I'm finding it fun! And I won't lie, one night, I did get freaked out and had to stop reading. I live by a lot of trees and woods, and just the idea of a scary, children killing witch living out in the forest really freaked me out.

So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! What are you reading?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Review: Buzz Kill by Beth Fantaskey

Title: Buzz Kill
Author: Beth Fantaskey
Published by: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Released: 2014
Source: Library

Summary: When football coach "Hollerin' Hank" Killdare turns up dead, it's up to Millie Ostermeyer to solve the case. She's read plenty of Nancy Drew books, so she's got the experience, she also has a full house of suspects. "Hollerin' Hank" Killdare didn't get his nickname for being a chill guy. 
The case gets more urgent when evidence starts pointing to Millie's father as the killer. Sure her dad might not have liked Hank, but he didn't kill him. 
Millie's got a whole list of suspects, including the mysterious star quarterback who just recently transferred to her school. Solving this crime will be easy.
My Thoughts: This was fun. I liked it. It's not a gritty crime thriller, but more like a light weight who-done-it. It was entertaining, easy to read, and just a fun time.
At first, I wasn't so sure how much I was going to like it. Millie is one of those characters that treads the fine line of like versus annoyance. She's very high energy, which exhausts me. She's also very impulsive, which I think worked against her as it came to investigating and staying safe while solving the crime. I didn't hate Millie, but I definitely couldn't be around her 24/7.
Another thing that I wasn't sure I liked or hated was the set-up of the book. It had the shortest chapters I've ever seen, and cliff-hangers at the end of each chapter. On the one hand, that really makes you want to fly through the book, on the other hand, it's annoying when a chapter is only a page long.
As for the mystery, it was pretty good. If I hadn't spoiled myself by randomly flipping to a page near the end, I would have been surprised.
My favorite part of the book would have to be the relationship that forms in it. It was cute! It also gives imaginary hope to all average girls hoping to land a hot guy. 
I thought this book was a lot of fun. It was a diversion that was quick and entertaining. I'd recommend it if you're looking for an entertaining read.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Around The Year In 52 Books: Week 49

WEEK 49:
**another week where I'm probably cheating, but I'm gonna go with it.**

--What are you reading for this category? Did you know of this book already or was it a complete discovery? I'm reading Nemesis by Anna Banks. I had heard of this book already and did want to check it out for myself.

--Who's bookshelves did you get inspiration from? The library bookshelf, which I think completely counts.

--Do you often browse what people read to discover new books? Yes. Maybe not in the conventional way though. I watch a lot of booktube videos, so books always get added to my TBR shelf from that. I also find a lot of books in my goodreads feed, by seeing what friends have added to their shelves or what they are currently reading. And I do browse the library shelves all the time.

So that's what I'm reading for this week's challenge. Want to join in on the fun, you totally should! Check out the group HERE!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Review: The Twilight Zone: The Original Stories Edited by Martin Harry Greenberg, Richard Matheson, and Charles G. Waugh

Title: The Twilight Zone: The Original Stories
Edited by: Martin Harry Greenberg, Richard Matheson, and Charles G. Waugh
Published by: Avon Books
Released: 1985
Source: Library

Summary: You are now entering The Twilight Zone! This Anthology contains The Original Stories that became some of the classic episodes. There are 30 tales that deal with space, the end of the world, interesting powers, and so much more. Nothing is quite as it seems. Enjoy your time in The Twilight Zone.
My Thoughts: Loved this!! I started watching The Twilight Zone on Netflix, because it was there, and because it's classic television. I've been pretty impressed with how it holds up. Sure some of the special effects are a little dated, but considering the time and technology it was filmed on, it did a pretty good job.
Since I was a fan of the TV Show, I wanted to try out one of the books. This book is cool because it is compiled by some of the original creators. Each story was an episode, so it includes the date the original episode aired and who starred in it. It contains a bunch of the iconic episodes, which I could pick out no problem.
What I loved most about this book was how easy it was to read. Each story was engaging and fun. Some of the twists were predictable, but they were still fun to read.
The Twilight Zone has a certain mood and feeling to it, which was perfectly captured in this collection. I really, really liked it. If you can get your hands on it, I totally recommend reading it.
Next Stop, The Twilight Zone!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Reading Right Now! (121)

What I'm Reading Right Now! is...

-- Nemesis (#1) by Anna Banks-- I'm pretty much just started this one, so I don't have a lot to say about it yet. The very beginning was a little rough for me to get into. It's a fantasy book, and sometimes fantasy books throw a lot of words at me that I don't always understand. I can have a mixed relationship with fantasy sometimes. If it takes too much effort for me to figure out the world and people, then I can be a little bored/confused/critical of them. 
I think I might be passed the rocky start on this one. I'm getting more into the story. It's told from two perspectives Tarik and Sepora (which in my head always turns into Sephora, because I'm a bit of a makeup junkie/hoarder at heart). Sepora is on the run from her home kingdom, where she's a princess. She has this rare ability to make this stuff (?), which her father wants to use as a weapon. She doesn't want her special ability thing to be used as a weapon, so she runs away. She's traveling to the kingdom Tarik has now just become the king of, to hide. I think she ends up getting captured or somehow running into Tarik, and they must work together to save kingdoms or people. I'm sorry for my description skills, but that's all I really know at this point.
I'm hopeful that I enjoy this one. I picked it up based 99% on the cover. The silver skin just drew me in, even though I know being covered with that kind of paint could be verrrry unhealthy. I think certain kinds can stop oxygen from getting to the skin. Didn't the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz have problems being covered with all that silver paint? I don't know, I'm just rambling. But I'm not even sure why the girl on the cover is silver? I don't know if that's really what color her skin is. I don't know if that's supposed to be a reflection of her ability. It's just an eye-catching cover, and it got me. Especially when you look into the details of it, and notice that her eyes are grey and her hair has this grayish tint to it. So, now you know that I do have a great tendency to pick books because of their covers.

Anyway, that's what I'm Reading Right Now! What are you reading?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Review: The Hunt (The Cage #2) by Megan Shepherd

Title: The Hunt (The Cage #2)
Author: Megan Shepherd
Published by: Balzer + Bray
Released: 2015
Source: Library

Summary: The exciting sequel to The Cage, The Hunt picks up immediately after those events. If you haven't read The Cage, some of these summary details might contain SPOILERS!
The escape attempt was a fail. Cora is put in a new enclosure, a menagerie called The Hunt. It's a fantasy world for the Kindred to visit. They are entertained in the lobby by singing and drinks, and entertained on the Savannah by going on big game hunts. Cora must find a way to escape this place too.
Nok and Rolf have been placed in a dollhouse, where their activity is constantly monitored. If they don't do what the Kindred say, their baby could be taken away.
Leon is the only one who had a successful escape from the enclosure, but he's not safe yet. He had to make a deal with a blackmarket trader whose loyalties could change at any second.
How will they escape? Who can they trust? And will they ever get back home to Earth?
My Thoughts: This was definitely a ride. I was never sure what was going to happen next, how things would go down. There were a lot of shocks that surprised me, and one huge cliffhanger that makes me wonder just how all of this is going to end. I'm nervous for everyone. Nothing is as it seems in this world.
I love the imagination and weirdness in this series. The menagerie Cora, Lucky, and Mali found themselves in was depressing, as well as interesting. It made me realize how good they had it in their first enclosure, and how many humans are having to suffer for being "lesser" species. It's a side of alien abduction that hasn't really been explored.
I was pretty much just along for the ride in this. I had no idea what was going to happen, where it was going to go. It definitely kept me reading.
I'm still not the biggest fan of this weird attraction Cora and Cassian have for each other. I'm much more Team Lucky.
I am a fan of Megan Shepherd's stories. They are always interesting, sometimes shocking, and fun! I have to know what happens next. How this all ends. I'm also still in denial over what happened near the end of this. It can't be real! I don't know what to do after reading this. I'm going to be in that strange lurch waiting for the next book.
One Wild Ride!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Around The Year In 52 Books: Week 36

WEEK 36:
A Hugo Award Winner or Nominee

--What are you reading this week? I'm reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

--Did you read a winner or a nominee? I'm reading a winner.

--In what category was your selection nominated? I think it was nominated for best novel, because that's what it won for in 2002.

--Do you pay attention to whether your book is an award winner when you choose what to read next? No. I'll only pay attention to that fact if the book has a big award sticker on the cover, or mentions being a winner somewhere on the book. I don't want to be that kind of reader that only reads something that other people have deemed worthy. I mean, it's great that it won an award, but I don't want that to be the only reason I read it. I like picking up all kinds of different books, I don't limit myself to just reading winners or nominees.

Want to join in on the Around The Year In 52 Books Challenge? Check it out HERE!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Review: Nameless: A Tale of Beauty and Madness (#1) by Lili St. Crow

Title: Nameless: A Tale of Beauty and Madness (#1)
Author: Lili St. Crow
Published by: RAZORBILL
Released: 2013
Source: Library

Summary: On Mithrus Eve Night, 10 years ago, Cami became an adopted member of the Family. She arrived a little girl, covered in cuts and bruises and old scars. She didn't remember where she came from, or even her name. 
In the present, awful dreams plague Cami's sleep and fade away before she can remember. Her stutter makes it hard for her to communicate. She also feels like she doesn't really belong with the Family, she's a fake. The Prince of the Family, Nico, tells her that's nonsense. Nico has always had a special place in her heart.
Then a garden boy named Tor shows up. He looks familiar, but Cami can't place him. What is he to her? Who is she? Will this Snow White find out where she really belongs?
My Thoughts: mmmmm.... hmmmm.... Uhhh....
I wanted this to be better. There, I said it. This story was kind of disappointing. It had the potential to be really cool, but didn't make it there. And then, even though I was disappointed by it, there was something eerie and oddly compelling about it too.
My biggest pet peeve with this book was my inability to understand the world presented. There wasn't a lot of effort put in to the world making sense. Words and creature names were thrown out with no explanations. There was all this talk of magic and potential, but nothing about how it all worked. If I could have understood the world I was thrown into better, I definitely would have liked it more. It seemed like an odd, cool, magical place, but it just wasn't explained well.
I also felt like most of Cami's problems came from her poor-little-old-me attitude, and not talking things out. She was constantly fixated on how she wasn't "Real Family," but that was only in her own mind. I got tired of her mopey attitude. I also got a little frustrated with some of the decisions she made. Cami could be really reckless and stupid.
Maybe this book could have made a better movie. It would definitely be a dark and twisted tale. There was just something about it that didn't quite work in book form.
I wanted this to be more! It had the potential to be really good, but the lazy world building just stifled it. I liked the eerie take on Snow White, and do plan on reading the rest in the series. I didn't hate it, but it definitely wasn't a favorite.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Reading Right Now! (120)

What I'm Reading Right Now! is...

--American Gods by Neil Gaiman-- After months and months of saying I'd read this, I'm finally reading this! I'm about 200 pages in, and I'm enjoying it. It is a very intimidating book though. I feel like I spend a good chunk of time reading it and find I don't make much progress. I feel like this is going to take me awhile to finish. I am liking it though.
It's about this man named Shadow Moon, who upon his release from prison is offered a job by the mysterious Mister Wednesday. Shadow discovers that the world is more than he thought it was.

So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! What are you reading?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Review: Gotham Academy, Volume 1: Welcome To Gotham Academy by Cloonan, Fletcher, and Kerschl

Title: Gotham Academy, Volume 1: Welcome to Gotham Academy (Issues #1-6)
Written by: Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher
Art by: Karl Kerschl
Published by: DC Comics
Released: 2015
Source: Library

Summary: Welcome to a new school year at Gotham Academy, located in the scenic Gotham City. Olive Silverlock has been assigned to show Maps Mizoguchi around the school, a school teeming with secrets.
The North Hall is supposed to be haunted, and Olive's room mate swears she's seen the ghost. There's also a mysterious new student that keeps popping up. Olive teams up with a ragtag group of students to uncover the secrets of the school, and she learns a little about herself along the way.
My Thoughts: What a fun surprise! I really enjoyed this. I tend to be a little iffy when it comes to very established superhero comics and their spin-offs, just because I like to read things in order, and feel there's no earthly way I can start from the beginning in this universe.
Gotham Academy offered up a full story. I didn't feel lost, and while I might not have gotten all the Easter Eggs or references, I was able to enjoy the whole story.
I liked the vibe this comic had. It was kind of dark and spooky. The school kind of reminded me of Hogwarts, and I loved our little ragtag group. The art style was also just really nice, dark while still being colorful.
Olive was an interesting main character. She's got some secrets that I can't wait to discover. Maps is super cute too.
This was a great first volume, and I can't wait to read more of this series!
So Fun!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Review: Y: The Last Man, Volume 6: Girl on Girl by Vaughan, Guerra, Sudzuka, and Marzan

Title: Y: The Last Man, Volume 6: Girl On Girl
Written by: Brian K. Vaughan
Pencillers: Pia Guerra and Goran Sudzuka
Inker: Jose Marzan, Jr.
Published by: DC Comics
Released: 2005

Summary: Yorick, Agent 355, and Dr. Mann are off to save one very special monkey. They find themselves on a "cruise," which turns into something much more. Pirates come into play!! Beth is also spotted.
The journey for Yorick continues to get more dangerous and more fun.
My Thoughts: This was a good volume. It was solid, it was fun, and it just reinforced why I like the Y: The Last Man series.
The art is nice, the panels are easy to follow, and the story is really interesting and entertaining. My favorite part about this series is the humor! Yorick has this ability to crack jokes during the most stressful or worst times. Agent 355 is awesome as well.
The only character who I question her motives, and am on the fence about, is Dr. Mann. I guess I just don't really like her. She doesn't strike me as pleasant.
Loved the pirate vibe of this Volume, and am also excited that things with Beth seem to be picking up.
Great addition to the series. Can't wait to see where things go next. I also hope they find Ampersand soon.
Danger At Sea!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Reading Right Now! (119)

What I'm Reading Right Now! is...

--The Spellman Files (#1) by Lisa Lutz-- I'm about 140 pages into it, and it's not what I thought it was going to be. Not that that's the worst thing ever, but I'm still undecided about how I feel about this thing. 
I thought I was going to be getting a beginning, middle, and end normal type of novel. A novel about a girl who works in her family's PI business, wants to get out, but has to solve one last case. In reality, the FILES part of the title is what I should have paid the most attention to. That's exactly how this is told, in files. And not chronological files either, it kind of just jumps around to different years, different situations, different people. It doesn't even really feel like a story, more like a crazy family illustrated by a bunch of different anecdotes. It's not bad, it's just not what I really wanted.
It's starting to grow on me the more I read it. I'm hoping that maybe everything will come together and it will tell an actual beginning, middle, end story.
I think I'm just wanting a normal novel. A funny, PI family business book. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this.

What are you Reading Right Now!? Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Books For Your Hogwarts House

Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday! This week's topic celebrates our Hogwarts House Pride by picking the Top 5 Books For Your Hogwarts House. I tried to pick books that I thought went along with my house.
I guess first, I should tell you what house I'm in. Do you have any guesses?

If you guessed Slytherin, You're Right! I took the Sorting Hat test a couple of times, I won't lie. The first time I took the official test on Pottermore, I got Slytherin. I've gotten it a couple times since then too. When I first saw that welcome banner proclaiming me a Slytherin, I didn't know what to think. The Slytherin House was never the good house at Hogwarts, it was always the house that had the bad kids, the villains. But I now embrace my Slytherin Pride. All Slytherins aren't bad, evil people, sure some of them aren't nice, but you can't pass judgement on a whole group based on some individuals. So I'm glad I'm a Slytherin.

Slytherin House has a certain aesthetic. It's kind of dark and gloomy. Slytherins' are known for their cunning and ambition. When picking books for my house, I wanted to get anti-hero characters and some dark, fun reads. So these are the books I picked for my House Pride!


--Vicious by V.E. Schwab-- I picked this book because of its great, anti-hero characters. No one is really a hero, and no one is really a villain. This book just showcases some very interesting characters to read about. I love this book and I think it would make a good Slytherin read.

--I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells-- This story also features an anti-hero in John Wayne Cleaver. He's a sociopath who has to fight his urge to kill. It's a very dark, creepy story. I think it's also a good story showing a character fighting against being evil by trying to save others instead. I think John Cleaver is a super interesting character, and reading the series, I rooted for him. He's a character that I can't seem to forget.

--Night Film by Marisha Pessl-- This book is just a lot of fun. I picked it for Slytherin House because it's dark and creepy. I think Slytherins would like it.

--I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga-- This book features a character who struggles with himself and who he is. His father is a killer, and he's afraid he'll turn out just like him. This is a character who struggles with his past. He questions if he's destined for evil. I think some Slytherin characters can feel Jasper Dent's struggle.

--The Heroes Guide To Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy-- Slytherins' deserve fun too! Which is why they should read this book. This book is about a group of unlikely heroes, banding together, and doing some awesome stuff. Plus, they save the Kingdom! I picked this because Slytherins are so much more than what they are portrayed as. They aren't all evil, all gloomy, all bad people. Slytherins get a bad rap, that is not always deserved, just like these Princes!

So those are my House Pride recommendations. What House are you in? What books would you recommend? Let me know in the comments. And if you want to join in on the Top 5 Wednesday fun, you totally should! Check it out HERE!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Around The Year In 52 Books: Week 10

A Dual-Timeline Novel

Progress Post:

--What are you reading this week? I'm reading Arata: The Legend, Volume 5 by Yuu Watase.

--What are the two time periods in your novel? I'm probably cheating, again, because this is technically a manga, but it fits for this category, and I'm using it! The two time periods in this manga novel are modern day Japan and a version of ancient Japan. It's kind of tricky, because this ancient world doesn't exactly exist in the history books of the modern Japan's world. It's almost like another world too.

--Do you find it difficult to follow the dual timelines in your novel? No, because this is a novel told through illustration, it's really easy to know when I'm in ancient times and when I'm in modern times. I get to see which characters I'm switching to and which world they are occupying. It's actually really nice because there is no confusion. Sometimes I find it difficult to read dual timeline novels, especially when the author doesn't really tell you when they are switching back and forth.

Join in with me in The Around The Year Challenge In 52 Books. It's fun! Check it out HERE!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Review: Chat Love by Justine Faeth

Title: Chat Love
 Author: Justine Faeth
Published by: The Small Press
Released: 2012
Source: Sent To Me By Author For Honest Review

Summary: Lucia Pia is a 27 year old single lady living in the city. Her days are filled with work, and her nights are spent out with friends. Her life sounds pretty good, but she is plagued by that one word people describe her as... SINGLE! Her parents are constantly asking about boyfriends, and when she's going to get married. Her sister is constantly rubbing in her happy, married life.
Lucia is struggling to meet the right one. When one of her friends suggests she join Chat Love, an internet dating site, Lucia is resistant. Internet dating is a place for the desperate, the sad, the undateable, that's what Lucia has been led to believe.
Lucia finally swallows her pride and joins Chat Love. So begins a dating frenzy with good ones, bad ones, and just plain horrible ones. Maybe Lucia will finally find her Mr. Right.
My Thoughts: I just want to thank the author, Justine Faeth, for sending me a message asking me to review her book. I am always up for a good chick-lit, which is what I heard this was. I enjoyed this story. I thought it was cute and fun. Some of what Lucia was going through hit home for me. I am a late twenties single lady who is always getting asked Where's the boyfriend? You better find somebody quick, you don't want to be alone forever. That's always a boost to my self esteem! I however, have not yet joined any kind of internet dating site. I'm still leery. And I know I'm single because I'm incredibly awkward, but this book did give me hope that my Mr. Right is somewhere out there, and it's just a matter of time before I meet him.
I enjoyed this book. I thought it was cute. It was also a really fast read. It had a very addictive quality to it as well.
At times, I did feel like I was reading from a diary of Lucia's, just with how this happened, then this happened, then that happened. There were also some random jumps in time that didn't exactly flow in the story.
As it neared the end, I did get a little tired of the he loves me, he loves me not attitude. It was fairly obvious who Lucia was meant to be with, and it just took longer to get there than I would have liked.
My only other nitpick is that every character seemed to be successful, beautiful, and really have no problems except being single. Not all of them felt like real people. Some characters and situations felt like watching an episode of Gossip Girl.
I'm happy that I got to read this book. It was a cute, fun read, that delivered a sweet, romantic story. Thanks to the author for letting me read and review it. It's cute, and I'd say give it a read.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Reading Right Now! (118)

What I'm Reading Right Now! is...
Pretty much the same(ish) stuff as last week. I think I aimed for too much last week, and just fell flat on my face. So, some of my reads stayed the same, and some of my reads got pushed back for a different day.
Here's what my immediate Reading Right Now! plans are:


--The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost-- This is what I'm currently reading and focusing my attention on. It's turning out to be a slower read than I thought. I'm not saying slower in a bad way, it's just taking me longer to get through than the normal book. It's got a lot of stuff crammed into it, which is probably why I'm going through it more slowly. I'm still really enjoying it. I love the format it's told in, all the files, and pictures, and the feel of it being a classified FBI Dossier kind of thing. I did get a little bogged down in the Alien/UFO section. There were a lot of names and events to keep track of, and they all kind of ended up jumbled in my mind.
 I think I'm starting to encounter some spoilers for the show. I've only watched the First Season, and this is bringing up information that I haven't watched yet. I knew from reading reviews that this might happen, and I'm okay with my decision to read it before finishing the older episodes of the show.
I will say that the show has a lot more humor incorporated into it then this book does. The book is still really interesting, but it doesn't have that oddball levity that the (at least the First Season) of the show seemed to have. I really enjoy that weird humor of the show, and would have liked it to be incorporated in this book. 
Can't wait to finish this one. And from what I've read so far, I definitely would recommend it. Even if you don't love the book, it is just such a pretty thing to have on your shelf.

--The Spellman Files (#1) by Lisa Lutz-- This book is kind of calling to me and I really want to read it next. I might start it before finishing The Secret History of Twin Peaks. It just looks like it's going to be fun. It's the first book in a series and involves a Private Investigative family business that this daughter wants to get out of.

So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! What are you Reading?

Thursday, June 1, 2017

May Wrap-Up 2017!

Another month has gone down the drain, so it's that time to wrap up what I read and watched. I finished a decent amount of books in May, so that was good. Anyway, here's what I consumed in May 2017!


--The Secret Sea by Barry Lyga-- BOOKCITEMENT LEVEL 3/5-- This was a disappointing read for me. I just didn't really like it that much. It tried to do this weird feminism thing, which I wasn't a fan of. It also took me awhile to get into the story, mostly because the main character was just too weird for me to follow. The main character was also really rude to his parents and held a grudge over what I consider something that he shouldn't of. The only character I really liked was Khalid. I did like that it had a main character with a disability/medical condition, I don't read very many books that have those. I was expecting more from this book.

--My Sister Rosa by Justine Larbalestier-- BOOKCITEMENT LEVEL 4/5-- I enjoyed this one. It was about a kid who is convinced his little sister is a psychopath. It was kind of addicting and compelling. I will say that in the grand scheme of things, not a lot happened, but I still wanted to keep on reading. I wish there had been more evil and danger, but this was a good book.

--Saga, Vol. 6 (Issues 31-36) by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples-- BOOKCITEMENT LEVEL 4/5-- I enjoyed this Volume. We had a time jump, which I didn't hate. It was just a fun one to flip through.

--The Leaving by Tara Altebrando-- BOOKCITEMENT LEVEL 3.3/5-- I'm meh over this one. The premise was really interesting, but I just wish more would have happened with it. I wish we had gotten perspectives from all of the returned kids, instead of just the two. Two of the characters perspectives kind of annoyed me. The ending was a let down. I wanted something more crazy to be the cause, but it all wrapped up kind of ho-hum. This was slightly disappointing.

--Y: The Last Man, Vol. 10: Whys and Wherefores (Issues 55-60) by Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, Jose Marzan, Jr. -- BOOKCITEMENT LEVEL 3/5-- FINISHED SERIES YAYY-- Again, disappointing, especially at how this was the end of the series. There were a few good shock moments in it, I'll give it that. I just didn't like how everything wrapped up. With all the build-up, I wanted something more epic and happier. I don't regret reading this series, I just wish it had a different kind of ending.

--In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware-- BOOKCITEMENT LEVEL 3.3/5-- I enjoyed this, but didn't love it. I thought the setting was really cool and I was kind of into the mystery. The ending was just really obvious, there was no real surprise. I plan on reading more from this author.

--Chat Love by Justine Faeth-- BOOKCITEMENT LEVEL 3.5/5-- I was sent this book to review from the author. So I got it for free to review. I enjoyed this. It was very fast and pretty cute. It's a chick-lit kind of book, which is something I do enjoy reading. The ending got a little drawn out with the whole, he loves me, he loves me not thing. I liked this.

So are there any guesses what I finished TV wise for May?? I'll give you a hint, it's a show that I can't shut up about...

If you guessed The 100, you are SO RIGHT!! Season 4 ended this month, and I'm still not over it. This show, this season put me into the biggest TV hang-over I've had in a long, long time. I love this show sooooooo much. I'm so happy to be getting a Season 5. Please more people watch it, so I can get more Seasons. I don't think it has the biggest audience, but the people who do watch it are really passionate about it.
This Season Finale was sooo crazy. It had the biggest cliffhanger and I'm still not over it. Season 4 was a great season. So much better than Season 3, and I'm so glad CW Executives didn't give in to the annoying, vocal minority who were mounting all of these campaigns to get it canceled and get the executive producer fired. I think that sends a good message.
If I had to rate the seasons I'd say Season 2 is the best, Season 4 edges a little past Season 1, and Season 3 was the weakest. 
Anyway I can't wait for Season 5. I need to know what happens next, because the final scene is just...

Oh and I also want Bellamy Blake to be happy. That is all.

So that was my May of reading and entertainment. How was yours?