Friday, October 4, 2013

September Wrap-Up 2013!

Another month has gone down the drain. How sad. So, in September, I managed to read a measly 4 books. It wasn't a great reading month for me. I was mostly disappointed (with the exception of one) in the books that I read. Two of them were continuations of series and the other two were standalone books. I was really excited to get my hands on all of them, but just ended up having a meh sort of month.

1. Angel Fire by L.A. Weatherly: The second book in the Angel series. Not my favorite book in the series just cause it seemed the author really didn't have a plan for how to fill this second book. Angel Fire kind of falls into the second book syndrome. It contains an unneeded love triangle that is highly unsatisfying. There is also not enough action in the book to warrant it being 638 pages. I was just a little disappointed in this sequel, but I will be tuning in to see how the series ends in the final book which is due out in November of this year.

2. Help for the Haunted by John Searles: This was my favorite book of the whole month. I really enjoyed it and am so glad that I won the Goodreads FirstReads giveaway for it. It's an adult read that centers around Slyvie who is trying to deal with the murder of her parents and living with a sister who really doesn't care. The whole book is just creepy and delicious and I really enjoyed every second of it. Really recommend giving this one a read.

3. Blackhearted Betrayal by Kasey Mackenzie: This is the third book in the Shades of Fury novels. I really loved the first book in the series, Red Hot Fury, and have thus far been disappointed by the other books in the series. It's not that they are bad per say, but they just haven't managed to capture the magic of the first book. Blackhearted Betrayal was an okay read, but I really didn't love it in the way of the first book. The whole book was just focused on one long action scene, so it just felt kind of short for me. When the next book comes out, I will read it because I really enjoy the characters and the world.

4. Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone by Kat Rosenfield: The writing style was what threw me off of this book. It was so stylized and full of metaphors, similies, and descriptions, that it just got hard to read and really wade through to get to the true story underneath. The story itself was interesting, but the writing style really hindered my enjoyment of the novel.

So that was my quick rundown of the books I read in September. I hope to have a better month in October, which is the fantastic month of Halloween! Hope everyone else had a fantastic month of reading in September.

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