Friday, August 8, 2014

Reading Right Now! (#12)

Title: The Program
Author: Suzanne Young
Progress: Page 199 of 405 which makes me 49% finished
So long time no see again. I know I am a horrible person with this blog. My excuse this time is a crazy, homework filled, summer class that I am finally finished with, Yayy! I'm not going to make any promises with this blog, because I always seem to break them and disappoint myself. I'll update this blog on my own time, when I feel like it, because really no one is forcing me to do this blog or these reviews. This is something I do for fun and I want to keep having fun doing it. If this starts feeling like a job or something I'm forced to do, then the fun feeling goes away and I don't want that to happen. So, I will try to update this blog whenever I can or whenever I want to and I hope that's okay with everybody :)
So this week, I'm reading The Program by Suzanne Young. I had planned on reading this book with friends, but I didn't get around to reading it when they were reading it. For shame on me. I have one friend (Kristina from youtube at ThePrincessGummyBear, go check her out she's awesome!) who loved this book. My friends Ke-sha (theforsaken707) and Alyssa ( from ACReads, she might have changed her name, I'm not to sure on that) only thought it was an okay read. Oh and their channels are awesome too, so go check them out as well!
This book is about a world where teen suicide is an epidemic and society has gone to great lengths to prevent more teen deaths. Any teen that shows symptoms of depression or signs of suicide, is taken from their friends and family and entered into The Program. The Program treats these kids by wiping their memories and releasing them back to their families. The main character Sloane and her boyfriend James believe The Program is a fate worse than death. When Sloane's life starts falling apart around her, she is taken into The Program and what happens next is something you'll have to read to find out. No really, I don't know what happens next because I haven't gotten that far yet.
So far, I'm enjoying this book but not absolutely loving it. Suzanne Young's writing is really good and pulls me into the story. The premise is interesting and I'm excited to learn more about it. The book does have a depressive feel about it which makes sense because it's about teen suicide. The only thing that makes me scratch my head is just why suicide has become such an epidemic? It's not really explained and I think that kind of hurts the story. It doesn't really make sense for all these teens to just decide to end their lives on their own, so I would think that there would need to be a more significant reason for it. But I am enjoying the story. Definitely.
So that's it for what I'm Reading Right Now! Share what you are reading in the comments.

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