Thursday, February 11, 2021

Deck of TBR: February 2021

 I kept mentioning and mentioning and mentioning last month about how I was doing a new to me TBR game called Deck of TBR. I know I probably was annoying about it haha. Well, this month I filmed and uploaded a video with my board, my cards, and me seeing what I would read for February.
I did not think up Deck of TBR. I actually got the idea from bookswithmaddi
She is on youtube and her videos are a lot of fun to watch.
So youtube and I have a weird relationship. I leave, then I come back, then I leave again. I joined booktube (where the book people hang out on youtube) waaaay back in 2012. I was really into it, I tried to upload all the videos I could. Then I got older, lazier, and just took a break. Filming and Editing videos is very time consuming. Sometimes, I'm also a little embarrassed by putting myself out there on the World Wide Web. I'm trying to get fully into that mindset of it doesn't matter, I shouldn't be embarrassed of my hobby. If I like doing it, I should get back to it.
So, I filmed a video of me doing my Deck of TBR for February. I thought, why not do a post on here too. 
Since I've taken so many breaks from youtube and probably just the way youtube is, my triumphant return has not really brought me the accolades or views haha. I don't really care about the numbers, but there is something a little sad when you put a thing out there and then nobody notices. Not boo-hoo sad, just awww man sad.
Anyway, I'm gonna use this space on my blog to show off my video!

Please be gentle and do not mock me too much. Here's an idea of the books that my board told me to read in February 2021!

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