Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review of: Hunger by Michael Grant

Hunger (Gone, #2)
Title: Hunger (Gone Series Book 2)
Author: Michael Grant
Published by: Harper TEEN/ Katherine Tegen Books
Released: 2009
Summary: Three months after the big Thanksgiving battle, things have gone from bad to worse for the kids living in the FAYZ. Food is now in short supply and hunger is becoming a real problem. Sam is struggling with the weight of being leader and taking care of all the kids. He's heading toward a kind of breakdown. Caine has become even more unstable since his meeting with the Darkness. And, normal kids are feeling a lot of resentment towards the kids with powers, and they have nothing but violence on their minds. How will these kids survive another day in the FAYZ is anyone's guess.
My Thoughts: I'm a little shell-shocked right now. I just finished reading the book and can honestly say it had the same intensity and impact as the first. These are kids dealing with a very adult and mature situation, survival. Sam has a really tough time in this book. The pressure has just gotten to be too much. He sort of checks out, but don't worry, Sam comes through in the end.
This series is really just so shocking, intense, and fantastic. Michael Grant's writing, his story, just pulls me in deeper and deeper. There are just awful things happening to these kids and I just can't seem to stop reading. I have to know the secrets of the FAYZ. what's really going on, and if these kids will survive to the end. I really enjoy the powers that have been added to the mix. I honestly can't wait to find out what happens in the next one. I think Michael Grant paints a very realistic picture of trying to survive through a traumatic, apocalyptic event. How bad kids really are at banding together for the good of the community. Just an excellent series that I'm super glad I picked up!
Just as intense as the first. Couldn't stop reading!

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