Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review of: Die For Me by Amy Plum

Title: Die For Me (Revenants #1)
Author: Amy Plum
Published by: HarperTEEN
Released: 2011
Summary: When Kate's parents die in a car accident, she is devastated. She and her sister move to Paris, France to live with her paternal grandparents. In a depression, Kate spends a lot of time reading and mourning the loss of her parents. Kate's grandparents and sister are worried about her and convince her to go out and explore Paris. 
One day, while reading in a cafe, Kate sees a devastatingly handsome boy. The boy's name is Vincent and pretty soon he becomes a fixture in her life. Vincent draws Kate out of the dark hole of depression and makes her realize her life is not over. But Vincent isn't all that he seems. He has a secret life and and an extraordinary destiny. Kate must decide whether to accept his secret or not.
My Thoughts: I enjoyed this book. It was a light, frothy read where girl goes to Paris, meets boy, and finds out boy's not exactly human. Die For Me reminded me of a lot of other YA teen paranormal romances out on the market today. While it wasn't the most original or different thing I've ever read, it was a nice, enjoyable read and I will be checking out the second one in the series.
I had heard through the grapevine that this was a sort of zombie romance, so let me just say that there was nothing really zombie-tastic about this book. Sure, Vincent might have referred to himself as a zombie, but that's not what he really was. For any readers craving a good and pure zombie tale, this isn't it. Not saying the story wasn't good, but there are no shuffling, rotting corpses in these pages and anyone who expects them will be sorely disappointed.
I also kind of laughed when the villains of the story were mentioned. When Vincent told Kate of the "numa" she shuddered and even thought the word sounded evil. I don't think the word numa sounds scary or frightening. It brings to my mind that kid doing the Numa Numa Dance.
Die For Me is an enjoyable read giving a very detailed atmosphere of the city of Paris. It lets you travel to it without the expensive airfare. An enjoyable and romantic read.
Great Paris atmosphere, but the zombies are a lie!

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