Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reading Right Now! (#4)

So this week, I'm reading two books kinda at the same time. I say kinda, because one of the books is actually a bind up of two books. I plan on finishing the first book in the bind-up and then moving on to a different book. Anywayssss....
Title: Deathnote Black Edition #1
Author: Tsugumi Ohba
Art: Takeshi Obata
I'm on page 150 which makes me about 77% of the way through the first book.
So I am a fan of Japanese manga. I used to read more of it when I was in high school, but somehow ended up taking a break from reading them. Maybe they were just easier to get my hands on in highschool or something. I've heard so many great things about the Deathnote series. So many people love it and recommend it all the time. When I first started it, I wasn't sure. The Shinigami Ryuk is just so ugly. That face man, that face. I wasn't sure if I would be a huge fan of the artstyle, but Light is a cutie so it's okay :)
Light is an interesting character too. Is he good or bad? Is the Deathnote twisting him into a truly evil person, or was he already twisted in the first place? Does he seriously think he's going to rule the world? And how is he not evil when he's committing murder? Just because he's killing off criminals, doesn't mean he's still not committing a crime himself. Just a bunch of questions about Light. I wondered how the story would continue for so many volumes. I thought the story would peeter out eventually, but in the middle of the first volume, everything got good. Everyone who's recommended this series so far has been right! I can't wait to finish this one and then hopefully be able to pick up the subsequent volumes. Why does manga have to be so expensive :(

Title: I Hunt Killers (#1)
Author: Barry Lyga
I haven't started this one yet, but I'm excited too!
As soon as I finish the first volume of DeathNote, I plan on starting I Hunt Killers! I'm super excited about it too. I love dark, creepy tales involving serial killers and questionable youths. I love Dan Wells I Am Not A Serial Killer series, and I hope for this series to be in kind of the same vein. I guess I should really worry about myself, enjoying books about serial killers and stuff. But it's interesting!!! So I've heard good things about this one too and can't wait to start it.
So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! Tell me what your Reading Right Now! in the comments below if you want to. I see comments as a great way of interacting with other book lovers and this is in no way a push just to make my blog more profitable. So yeah, hope everyone has a great time with whatever your reading!

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