Monday, November 17, 2014

Review: I Don't Want To Kill You (John Cleaver #3) by Dan Wells

Title: I Don't Want To Kill You (John Cleaver #3)
Author: Dan Wells
Published by: TOR A Tom Doherty Associates Book
Released: 2011
Summary: John Cleaver called a demon on the phone and challenged it to a fight, so it's no surprise when another killer shows up in Clayton County. John now has to find out who Nobody is before Nobody finds him. John also has to figure out if a sociopath can really feel anything. As much as John has explored evil and death, he must now explore love. In this final installment, we find out just what kind of person John Wayne Cleaver is destined to be.
My Thoughts: I really love this series. It's deliciously creepy, at times very disturbing, and always compelling. John Wayne Cleaver is such a great character to get to know and grow with in these books. Seeing how it all ends and what he's really become was such an enjoyable process. Dan Wells' writing sucks us into the mindset of a teenage sociopath, who goes from scary to noble in the span of these three books. I really enjoyed this ending, and yet, at the same time I didn't want it to end. I could see myself reading about John Cleaver and his work for so many more books. This end gave me a little closure, but definitely left me wanting more.
I really like how John had some humanity and feeling mixed in with his monster hunting tendencies. The relationship came a little out of left field, but I really did enjoy it. It was nice to see John happy.
I also enjoyed the hunting serial killers and other things that go bump in the night aspect to it. It's so creepy and fascinating. One of my questionable guilty pleasures.
The ending kind of tore me apart. I'm glad to see shadows of John's future mapped out, but all the stuff he had to go through made my heart ache for him.
This entire series is creepy and fantastic. For anyone that loves reading about the darker side of human nature, this book series is for you. Get introduced to John Cleaver and grow with him on his journey. Also be prepared for many instances of embalming. 
Why did this series have to end!?! I want more of John Wayne Cleaver!

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