Friday, December 18, 2020

Reading Right Now! (283)

This week has felt so long. I've also been in kind of a weird reading mood. I haven't been picking up my books and reading them like I should. Not because they are bad or boring books, but it's like I have no motivation or something. I just stare into space or watch TV and Youtube. I blame 2020. Anyway, onto the book.
What I'm Reading Right Now! is:

Still Water (#2) by Amy Stuart -- I read the first book in this series and liked it, so I thought I'd continue on. It's a set up that I don't find the most believable, but I'll let that slide. I would recommend starting from Book 1, which is Still Mine, because it's just the right thing to do (haha).
But anyway, this series is about a woman named Clare who is on the run from her abusive husband. She's taken a job at a restaurant and notices this guy that comes in day after day. It turns out her husband has hired a Private Investigator to find her. The PI makes a deal with her, he won't tell her husband where she is if she agrees to go undercover and help him solve a missing person's case. Suddenly Clare has a new line of work with this mysterious PI. This is all from the first book. The set up.
So in this, Clare is undercover for a case involving a missing woman and her son. This woman was also on the run from an abusive husband, and ended up at a house that helps women in these kinds of situations. Clare comes after the fact to investigate, and her cover story is that she and the missing woman were old friends.
I always find Clare's cover stories to not be very good, or I just think they wouldn't hold up to any kind of scrutiny. She kind of inserts herself right into small towns, or in this case a women's shelter in the middle of nowhere, and comes up with these stories. It might be that I just know nothing about the undercover detective world, but I just think she makes herself out to be very suspicious instead of in the background. I don't even know how she really plans to solve this case. I just don't think her cover's are any good.
And in this one, some of the conversations are kind of awkward or out-of-nowhere, where Clare is trying to get information about the missing woman from people who actually interacted with her. That's my criticisms that no one asked for.
I am enjoying it though. What I like about this series is that it is quick and easy reading. I'm interested in the cases, I'm interested in Clare and the mysterious Malcolm. I'm interested in seeing if Clare's husband is going to find her.
There can be some trigger warnings for this series. Clare is a recovering drug addict who falls off the wagon occasionally. There is of course domestic abuse. There is also some mention of miscarriage.
So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! What are you Reading? 

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