Thursday, June 10, 2021

BLOG TOUR: Legends of the North Cascades by Jonathan Evison

 I am very excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for Legends of the North Cascades by Jonathan Evison. I received a free advanced copy for honest review from the publisher. Thank you so much to Algonquin Books and Jonathan Evison for letting me be a part of this adventurous tour!

Title: Legends of the North Cascades
Author: Jonathan Evison
Published by: Algonquin Books
Released: June 8, 2021
Source: Review Copy Provided by Publisher
Synopsis: Dave Cartwright has had enough. After three tours in Iraq he has come home to Vigilante Falls in Washington State only to find that he feels incapable of connecting to the people and the place that once defined him. Most days, his love for his seven-year-old daughter, Bella, is the only thing keeping him going. When tragedy strikes, Dave makes a dramatic decision: he will take Bella to live in a cave in the wilderness of the North Cascades.
So begins a compelling adventure, a story of a father and daughter attempting to cope with a breathtaking but harsh environment. Once they are settled in the cave, Bella retreats into a different world, that of a mother and son who had lived in that same space, but thousands of years before, at the end of last Ice Age. As the two dramas begin to merge, a timeless odyssey unfolds, both as a meditation on the perils of isolation and an exploration of humans' indelible struggle to survive.
Perfect for readers of Peter Heller's novels or Kristin Hannah's The Great Alone, Legends of the North Cascades is Jonathan Evison's return to sweeping, multicharacter narratives like his New York Times bestseller West of Here and is an immensely satisfying read. (Synopsis from Goodreads)
My Thoughts: This book was quite the ride and I definitely enjoyed going on the adventure. This novel explores a drastic decision Dave Cartwright has made about his life. Dave is suffering fro PTSD and finds his breaking point after a tragedy back home. He decides to leave society altogether and take his daughter Bella to live in the wilderness of the North Cascades.
Dave's decision doesn't make the most sense, but it's obvious that he's struggling. This journey really tests Dave and Bella. It could be tough to read at times, to understand Dave, but I did find myself glued to the story. It was an experience.
I didn't understand why Dave does all the stuff that he does, but I needed to know what was going to happen to him and his daughter. I have no real personal experience with PTSD, so I can't talk to how accurate that was. It was a compelling story though.
Legends of the North Cascades has a real kind of beauty to it. There's the beauty of finding where you belong, watching a father and daughter save each other, and just the beauty of the landscape. There's a danger that's mixed with all that beauty.
I thought this was a really well written and engaging story. I enjoyed my time reading it. I'd recommend it.

Jonathan Evison is the author of the novels All About LuluWest of HereThe Revised Fundamentals of CaregivingThis Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!, Lawn Boy, and Legends of the North Cascades. He lives with his wife and family in Washington State.

Thanks so much for checking out my Blog Tour Stop for Legends of the North Cascades by Jonathan Evison. Thank you to Algonquin Books and Jonathan Evison for letting me be a part of this tour. I'd definitely recommend giving this a grab and  read.

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