Thursday, November 7, 2019

BLOG TOUR: Pax Novis (The Pax Archives #1) by Erica Cameron

I am super excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for Pax Novis by Erica Cameron. I was sent a free electronic copy of this book for honest review. Thanks so much to Chapter by Chapter Blog Tours, Entangled Teen, and Erica Cameron for letting me be a part of this fun tour and giving me the chance to read this spacey book.

Title: Pax Novis (The Pax Archives #1)
Author: Erica Cameron
Published by: Entangled Teen
Released: November 4, 2019
Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Synopsis: Cira Antares is deeply loyal to two things: Pax Novis—the cargo ship captained by her mother that transports supplies across war-torn star systems—and her personal mission to save war orphans. But hiding them as stowaways on the ship is illegal, and if any of them were found, not even her mother could protect Cira from the consequences.
She has successfully kept her secret…until supplies start to go missing. Food. Clothing. Tools. All signs point to her stowaways, but they wouldn’t do anything to risk exposing themselves—or her. Especially not Riston, the oldest of the group and someone Cira has grown close to. Someone she might even be falling in love with...
And petty thefts are only the beginning—whole ships are disappearing now.
Not caught in a firefight. Not destroyed by another planet. Vanishing. Without a trace.
And Pax Novis is next. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: I love space books. Absolutely love them. So, as soon as I saw the cover (which is beautiful by the way! All the blues and purples) and synopsis for Pax Novis by Erica Cameron, I knew I wanted to read it. Give me alllll the space books. All of them. There's just something so fun to me about deep space, spaceships that people live on, and surviving in that lonely, black void.
I enjoyed the story that Erica Cameron told. It was intense. There was a lot going on, danger and intrigue around every corner. Disappearing ships and missing supplies. It was a fun story too.
I liked our character of Cira. She is determined to do what she feels is right, even though the consequences can be deadly. She's no coward, that's for sure.
There was a lot of diversity packed into this read. 
Sometimes, some of the characters didn't feel the most fleshed out. I would have liked for some of them to not be so one note.
I really enjoyed Pax Novis and definitely want to continue on with the series. If space books are your jam, I'd definitely recommend checking this one out.

Erica Cameron is the author of books for young adults including the Ryogan Chronicles, the Assassins duology, and The Dream War Saga. She also co-authored the Laguna Tides novels with Lani Woodland. An advocate for asexuality and emotional abuse awareness, Erica has also worked with teens at a residential rehabilitation facility in her hometown of Fort Lauderdale.

Thank you for stopping by my Blog Tour Stop for Pax Novis by Erica Cameron. Thanks so much to Chapter by Chapter Blog Tours, Entangled Teen, and Erica Cameron for letting me be a part of this fun blog tour and letting me read a spacey space book!

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