Friday, July 9, 2021

BLOG TOUR: 13 Days to Die by Matt Miksa

 I am excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for 13 Days to Die by Matt Miksa. I received a free copy for honest review from the publisher. Thanks so much to Crooked Lane Books and Matt Miksa for letting me be a part of this action packed tour!

Title: 13 Days to Die
Author: Matt Miksa
 Published by: Crooked Lane Books
Released: March 9, 2021
Source: Electronic Review Copy from Publisher via Netgalley
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Synopsis: In a far-flung Tibetan village, prayer flags flap against whitewashed houses and a majestic monastery stretches to heaven. It's Shangri-La--the earthly paradise--until a stranger staggers out of the rainforest and collapses into a bloody, lifeless mass. He's the first victim of a crippling epidemic, but he's no ordinary man.
Olen Grave, an American intelligence officer, heads directly into the hot zone to investigate. Posing as a journalist, he joins the Chinese research team, led by a headstrong female virus hunter, Dr. Zhou Weilin. Together, the unlikely allies discover that Patient Zero was a spy who may have intentionally started the outbreak. But why? Who did he work for?
As Olen and Jo rush to uncover the shocking truth behind the epidemic, they unravel a twisted conspiracy that reaches from Beijing's great halls to Washington's corridors of power. With the superpowers now at the brink of war, the fate of the world will rest on the duo's shoulders. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: This was an exciting and pulse pounding book. It really hit the ground running. It had a little bit of everything going on. I was never bored. I really appreciated how the author was a former FBI analyst. It brought some bits of knowledge that made the book feel more real.
Now, this book does deal with an epidemic, so after the year we've had, it has a sense of familiarity. Some people might want to stay far, far away from books dealing with deadly outbreaks of disease because it just feels too fresh. I am always a sucker for disaster books, so it didn't bother me. It was interesting reading it though after being stuck in a pandemic for so long.
This book had a lot going on in it. It was a fun read. I liked the characters, I liked the writing style, and 13 Days to Die took me on one crazy ride. I think Miksa did a great job and I'm interested to see what he writes next.

Matt Miksa is a former FBI intelligence analyst who helped prevent foreign spies from stealing America's secrets. Today, he writes espionage thrillers that blend history, politics, and science. Matt holds a graduate degree in China Studies from Columbia University and has spent time living in Beijing. He currently resides in Chicago with his wife and two young daughters.

Thanks so much for checking out my Blog Tour Stop for 13 Days to Die by Matt Miksa. Thanks so much to Crooked Lane Books and Matt Miksa for letting me be a part of the tour. If this book sounds like something you'd want to read, I'd definitely recommend giving it a go.


  1. I was yesterday's blogger (John's Bookshell), and I enjoyed it s much as you. I'm hoping that Matt Miksa can write the characters into a future book ��

    1. Hi John! How awesome that you were a part of the tour too. Thank you for stopping by mine. I checked out yours and I'm glad to know you liked it too :D

  2. Sorry, damned autocorrect. John's Bookshelf)