Friday, July 2, 2021

Reading Right Now! (302)

 We have come to the end of another week, Woo-Hoo! And it's a holiday weekend!! Double Woo-Hoo! I am ready for it. 
Maybe this is just me though, but once July 4th comes and goes, it just feels like the rest of summer goes by so fast. It's like your summer in on the race to the finish. The beginning of this summer went by really fast too. Those are just my thoughts.
So, what I'm Reading Right Now! is...

All Your Twisted Secrets by Diana Urban -- This is a YA thriller that is about six high school students who are told they won a scholarship, and are invited to a celebratory dinner. It turns out to all be a ruse, they are locked in a room with no escape, with a syringe full of poison, a bomb, and a note. They are told to pick one person to die, or they all die.
I was drawn to the premise. It sounded exciting. 
I would say, this book does read very high school to me. That's not a criticism, I am just old, and certain teenage behaviors now annoy me (lol). Haven't you ever been in a public place and a bunch of teenagers come in, and they are so loud and doing stupid stuff. Sorry teenagers, but it's the truth. I was one of those annoying teenagers at one time. It would probably be a bad idea if I went back in time and made a younger version of me. Still love reading YA though. It's not one of those super dark and gritty feeling YA's. I think if I was younger, I would be more into this, probably. It's just a very teenage story. The story is interesting and I'm curious to what they did to get locked in that room. It kind of reminds me a little bit of I Know What You Did Last Summer. It's also very quick. I'm thinking I'll be finished with this sooner rather then later. I just need to stop distracting myself and read.

So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! What are you reading?

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