Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reading Right Now! Cameo by Tanille

Title: Cameo
Author: Tanille
According to Goodreads page 64 of 206 is 31% of the way through

Sorry I've been a little blog lazy for the past couple weeks. I always say that I'm going to stick to my posting schedule, and then I don't. Pure laziness on me.
I was contacted to review this book, so I really needed to start reading it so I can get my review out there. Thanks to Fire Flies Entertainment and Karen Adams for sending me this. My reviewing process is that I want to give my honest opinion about the book I'm reading. This can be hard. Especially if someone is nice enough to send me something and then I end up not really liking it. I'm super happy for the opportunity to review something, but I gotta be honest about it. I say this, because I'm not really sure about this story so far. It's about Nia a high school girl who deals with a lot of drama and something bad could be, maybe happening with her. Yeah, that's really all I got so far. The writing style is a little weird so far. Kind of jumpy and I'm not sure the overall story is really being set up properly. I'm not exactly sure how I'm feeling about this book... We shall see.
So that's it for this Reading Right Now post. See you next time!

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