Monday, October 22, 2012

Review of Dust & Decay by Jonathan Maberry

Dust & Decay (Benny Imura, #2)
Title: Dust & Decay
Author: Jonathan Maberry
Published by: Simon & Schuster BFYR
Released: 2011
Summary: This book is the sequel to Jonathan Maberry's Rot & Ruin. The book continues on where the first left off. Benny, Nix, Lilah, and Tom plan to leave the town of Mountainside and find the jet they saw while in the Rot and Ruin. Things do not go according to plan once they leave town. Chong gets captured, the crew gets separated, zombies abound, and Gameland is back and scarier than ever. Survival gets a whole lot harder.
My Thoughts: This book surpassed the original. I really, really loved it. It's full of action, suspense, danger, and heartbreak. The characters have grown and their fates become important to the reader. Still not a big fan of the "zombies as people too" idea but, a lot of zombie mayhem ensues.
I just really liked this book. Can't wait to read the third installment which comes out sometime in September. But be warned, the ending is shocking and very sad.
Sooo much everything! Aaahh!

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