Monday, October 15, 2012

Review of Cameo by Tanille

Title: Cameo
Author: Tanille
Published by: Fire Flies Entertainment
Released: 2006-2010
Summary: Nia is a high school student who resides right in the middle of the populars and the nerds. Her boyfriend broke her heart a couple months ago and now goes out with mean girl Michelle. Nia is leery of love. Then, she gets partnered with the cute basketball star on a school project. Strange accidents start occurring to Nia in her home and at school. She learns that she has become the target of a secret society. With the help of new guy Jason and best friend Cindy, Nia must save herself and uncover/expose the mean spirited secret society.
My Thoughts: I just want to thank Fire Flies Entertainment for sending me this book to review. I felt really special when I received it in the mail, like a professional book blogger :)
This story had great potential, but sadly I don't think it ever reached it. The story line and writing were a little jumpy and the characters were a little flat. The plot was also rushed and poorly set up. It pains me to say negative things about this book when people were kind enough to send it to me, but I have to be honest.
I really think this book had great potential. Fleshing out the characters and fine tuning the plot would have helped to make it better. I just don't think this book was right for me, but it could be great for somebody else.
Not my cup of tea.

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