Monday, May 20, 2013

Review of: The Girl in the Clockwork Collar By Kady Cross

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar (Steampunk Chronicles, #2)
Title: The Girl in the Clockwork Collar
Author: Kady Cross
Published by: Harlequin TEEN
Released: 2012
Summary: In this second installment of Kady Cross's highly addictive Steampunk Chronicles, we rejoin the team of Griffin, Finley, Sam, and Emily as they go to New York with the intention of finding and freeing Jasper. Jasper thought the authorities had finally caught up with him for a past crime, but finds upon arrival in New York, that his old gang member associate, Reno Dalton, has brought him back. Jasper must retrieve pieces of an item he stole and then subsequently hid from Dalton. If Jasper doesn't comply, then his old love Mei will pay the price. Mei has been fitted with a clockwork collar which will strangle her if Jasper doesn't comply with Dalton's wishes. Jasper must protect the girl he loves and Griffin, Finley, Sam, and Emily must rescue Jasper before he outlives his usefulness.
My Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed this story. In fact, I think this book is even better than the first. I love the world Kady Cross has introduced us to and the cool cast of characters she has created. I also really enjoyed the setting of New York and how it played into the adventure of the story.
All the issues I had with the first book, which were mainly character annoyances, were not an issue in this one. I enjoyed every one of the characters and I loved the little merry band adventurers they made together. Finley and Sam came off as much more likable characters in this one. I just love the camaraderie between them all and I don't even mind all the relationships and drama.
The adventure, story, and action were also highly enjoyable in this book. I love this steampunk world and its cast of not entirely human characters.
The Steampunk Chronicles by Kady Cross is highly enjoyable reading. I would recommend this series to the Steampunk novice or the Steampunk afficionado. It's just fun reading and a great series, and I can't wait to make my way into the third one to find out what happens next.

Fun and Full of Adventure. Go pick up this series if you haven't already!!!

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