Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review of: True by Erin McCarthy

Title: True
Author: Erin McCarthy
Published by: Intermix Books/Penguin Group
Released: May 7, 2013
Summary: The classic story of a good girl and a bad boy. Two people from different walks of life meet and romance ensues. Rory is a brainy college student studying to become a coroner. She has a hard time opening up and doesn't take any risks which might be why she's never been in a serious relationship. When her roommates find out Rory is still holding her "V" card, they vow to help Rory out and push the hot, tattooed Tyler her way. Rory is attracted to Tyler, but is unsure if Tyler could ever feel the same way about a girl like her. The more Rory hangs out with Tyler, the more she likes him and discovers just what makes him tick. Maybe Tyler's not as bad as he's made out to be and maybe Rory and Tyler could be perfect for each other. 
My Thoughts: I just want to again thank Netgalley and Penguin Group for letting me review an e-arc of this book. I ended up enjoying the story and the characters. This was my first introduction into the new genre of New Adult and I rather enjoyed it. It's definitely a sort of guilty pleasure read where love can conquer all and how good girls and bad boys make great couples. I also like this concept of writing books with the 20 something audience in mind.
I really did enjoy Erin McCarthy's novel and will probably read more New Adult books in the future. It was just a fun, light read. In some ways, I really connected with Rory and have felt some of the same sorts of feelings that she experiences. I wasn't cool with every decision made by the characters and I don't think a girl or guy still having their "V" card is something to be embarrassed about. I also found the ending a little unrealistic in the belief that love will solve everything and wipe away all the problems for a happily ever after.
I won't claim that this story is thought provoking and full of life truths, but it was fun, romance reading. Sometimes all one really needs is an enjoyable story, which this delivered. I can see more New Adult books in my future and for those of you who've never experienced one, True by Erin McCarthy is a great one to start off with.
Guilty Pleasure Reading!

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