Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Female Characters!

Time for another Top 5 Wednesday and this weeks topic is Top 5 Female Characters. I interpreted this as Top 5 strong/kick-ass female characters. I don't know why my mind went there, but it did. So these were the top female characters that came to my mind. They are tough, kick-ass, and just all together awesome female characters. I have read all the books they are in (except for one. I haven't read Hunger Games yet. Please don't kill me, it is on my to do list.) So here are some of my favorite tough girls from books in no real particular order.

1. Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen is a duh on this list. When one thinks of tough, kick-ass female characters, she has to be one of the first girls that comes to mind. Now sadly, I haven't actually read The Hunger Games. Why haven't I read them? I really don't have a good excuse. I have this slightly hipster thing going on where I don't want to read something just because it has suddenly gotten popular. I want to read it before it is popular, so I can brag and say, "Oh yeah, I've already read that." I know, shameful. I will read the books one day though because the movies have made me really want to read them. Katniss Everdeen is super tough and super awesome! She is great with a bow and arrow and because of her I got myself a bow and arrow. I wish I was as good of a shot as Katniss. Also, she survived the Hunger Games!! And lets be honest, I would have died in the first few minutes of the games. I would have been like that little curly headed kid in the movies, scared, afraid, and Dead Dead Dead.

2. Hermione Granger from The Harry Potter Series

Hermione Granger makes this list because of her bravery, which is probably why she made it into Gryffindor. She knows more insanely useful magical tricks then anyone I know. Dumbledore could know more, but for a young witch, she knows soooo much stuff. Yes, sometimes Hermione can be annoying and a bit of a know-it-all, but without her Harry and Ron would have been dead so many books ago. Hermione always stands by her friends and is determined to save the world from those who seek to destroy it. Hermione definitely deserves a place on this list.

3. Luna Lovegood also from the Harry Potter Series

Luna Lovegood could sound a little out there, but she is on this list for reasons that I will explain. First, I must say that Luna has to be one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter series and I wish she could have been in all the books. Luna exhibits a lot of bravery and shows a lot of loyalty to people important to her. Luna is also not afraid to be herself no matter what other people think, that is one of the things I love about her and really strive to be for myself. Luna earns a spot on this list because she is awesome!

4. Allison Sekemoto from The Immortal Rules Series

Allison Sekemoto from Julie Kagawa's Immortal Rules is one of the toughest, fiercest, most dangerous, kick-ass female characters I know. Well, I don't know her, but of characters from books I've read, she is the fiercest. I've only read the first book in the series and I loved it. I need to read the rest soon. Allison lives in such a screwed up dangerous world and she manages to survive and wield an awesomely dangerous weapon. You do not want to mess with Ali, cause if you get on her bad side, then you are probably dead.

5. Dekka from The Gone Series

I almost forgot about Dekka when making this list, but when looking back on books I've read and thinking about tough female characters, I realized that Dekka was my missing piece for this list. For those of you that don't know who Dekka is, she makes her appearance in mid to later books in the Gone Series. And if you have no idea what The Gone Series is, you need to remedy that right away. I love the Gone Series so so much. Dekka is a mutant freak and I say that with so much love. Dekka has the power to cancel gravity and she uses that power to team up with Sam and save the kids numerous times in the FAYZ. Dekka is tough. She's not really a friend that one can giggle and laugh with, she has a hard shell that friends have to work to break through.Once you do break through that shell though, Dekka is brave, loyal, and awesome. Dekka is totally deserving of a spot on this list.

So those are my Top 5 Female Characters. Do you agree or disagree with the girls on my list? Did I overlook an awesome female character? Let me know! Top 5 Wednesday is a thing that happens every Wednesday. People with any kind of social media can join in the fun. Here's a link to the rest of the Top 5 Wednesday-ers! 

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