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Review: Pure (Covenant #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title: Pure (Covenant #2)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published by: Spencer Hill Press
Released: 2012
Summary: For Alex, life at the Covenant means training with two very attractive guys, trying to ignore the distrust from her classmates, and learning to accept her fate. When daimons attack inside the Covenant, no one is safe and new rules are put into place. These new rules further separate Pures and Half-Bloods and just make Alex angry. Alex also has to journey to New York to testify before the Council. She finds reliving the memories of the night she killed her daimon mother to be hard, and the New York Covenant is even more backwards and segregated than her home.
Alex is under great pressure. Fighting her feelings for Aiden and developing something for Seth are hard enough, but to add even more pressure, someone is trying to kill her. Things never seem to get any easier for Alex in this second installment to the Covenant series.
My Thoughts: So I'm continuing on with the Covenant series. I actually decided to read the first three books back-to-back because I have them and I can. I also wanted to see if reading them one after the other made for a more enjoyable reading experience in general.
Now, in my review for Half-Blood, I confessed to really not falling in love with the book. The love for this series and author is high and I wanted to be one of those people that loved it too. I didn't find that love in Half-Blood, so I hoped that by continuing on with reading the rest of the series, my love for it would slowly blossom. I enjoyed Pure a little more than Half-Blood, but I'm still not feeling the love. It was a ho-hum, average read for me. I felt like it took me a little while to read Pure too.
My problems with Pure are pretty much the same as in Half-Blood and Daimon, I don't really like Alex. Alex annoys me. As stated in my other reviews, I find her to be cocky and not really smart when it comes to fighting. I don't know if I necessarily buy her as a kick-butt character. She did show some good fighting skills at the end, but thinking back, it almost didn't seem realistic for her to be that good at fighting when she had been so bad before. It is very hard to love a book when you want to hit the mute button on the main character. I'm still holding out hope that I will grow to like Alex as the series continues.
I was surprised by the death that occurred. I liked that character and wish they had gotten to stick around a little longer.
As for the love interests, I'm not sure what team I'm on. I appreciate the good looks of both boys though. Aiden is intense and protective, but as of now, romance with Alex is forbidden. Seth was a lot of fun in this book, plus he is super available for Alex. I am torn.
All in all, I enjoyed Pure a little more than I did Half-Blood. I'm still not feeling that all-consuming love for the series that other readers have, but I'm hoping to find it as I read the rest of the series. Alex is not my ideal main character. I need her to talk less and do more. So far, this series has just been average for me.
Alex is not my favorite heroine.

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