Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Bookish Habits

This week's Top 5 Wednesday is a fun one. I do have some bookish habits that could be considered odd or normal, depending on what kind of person reads this post. So here are some of my bookish habits.

1. This one is probably not that crazy, but I bring a book with me everywhere. It doesn't matter where I go, I'll have a book with me. It's almost like a comfort/safety thing. I don't feel right without a book in close reaching distance. I will bring books with me in the car, in restaurants, even in church. Although I don't read the book in church. I don't bring books into retail establishments though, I don't want them to think I'm stealing books or anything. And also, I have a big purse and shoving a book in their makes it look bulky, which could make me look suspicious. My reasoning for bringing a book with me everywhere is just in case I get bored and then I'll have a book to read. Also I just need a book there or I won't feel complete.

2. Not only do I bring one book with me, I usually bring 3. This one might sound a little weird. It probably is a little weird, but I do it anyway. My reasoning for bringing 3 books with me at a time is as follows: I could finish the first book and need another book to read, that's where the second book comes in. The third book comes into play just in case I finish the first book, start the second and realize I don't like it. In that case, I now have a third book, so I will never go bookless.

3. My third bookish habit is a little different. One day while in my library, I noticed they had these PBS kid's book charts they were giving away. Every time you finished a book, you were supposed to mark it on this chart and show just how much of a super reader you were. I took a bunch of those charts. Now each time I finish a book, I color in one of those little boxes to show I've finished a book. I also separate the chart by month using different colors to help keep track of my reading progress. It helps keep track of how many books I read per month and year.
Another bookish habit that kind of goes along with this one is that I also have a notebook where I write down every book (title and author) that I have finished separated by year and month. I started this in 2012, just so I could keep track of all the books I have read.

4. This bookish habit isn't so weird for people firmly in the book world, but for everyday readers it's a little strange. This habit comes from having a book blog mostly. After I finish my current read, I have to write a review for it before I start another book. I have to do it right after because if I wait too long, I'll forget details about the book. And since I have a book blog, I need reviews for it, so it just all kind of goes together. But I do get made fun of sometimes by family members, because they know when I've finished a book what I'll be doing right after.

5. My last bookish habit is that I have to buy all the books in a series before I start said series. This is really only for books that I buy, not so much for books I check out from the library. I think what it is is, that when I start a series I want to have all the books there so I don't have to wait for the next one. I feel like I just want to really marathon a series. I also don't feel like my bookshelf/collection is complete if I have uncompleted series sitting on it.

So those are my Top 5 Bookish Habits. What are your weirdest bookish habits? Let me know cause I'm always curious. Join in the Top 5 Wednesday fun yourself!! Here's a list of all the Top 5 Wednesday-ers!

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