Monday, April 6, 2015

Review: Apollyon (Covenant #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title: Apollyon (Covenant Series #4)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published by: Spencer Hill Press
Released: April 2013
Summary: Alex has lost herself during her Awakening and subsequent connection to Seth. She has lost who she truly is and now only desires to get close to Seth and do his bidding. Her friends and family want to save Alex, but that can only happen if she breaks the connection. As if that weren't enough, Alex also has to make a trip to the Underworld and figure out a way to save the world and those she cares about. Alex is a very busy, little Apollyon.
My Thoughts: Hooray, I finally finished this book! It felt like the book was never going to end. For all those hoping for praise and a glowing review, this isn't going to be it. I go into books in this series hoping I'll love them and that the series will finally click with me, but I always end up disappointed. After all the praise I hear about this series, I'm just so bummed that I don't feel the same, that I don't feel that same magic other readers do. Does that mean I'm going to give up on Jennifer L. Armentrout and her books? No, of course not, and I'll still finish The Covenant series. I only have one more book, so it only makes sense, but this series is NEVER going to be one of my favorites.
I went into this one hoping it would be my favorite so far in the series, and then Alex had to show up. I found the Alex connected to Seth to be such a mean Alex. I was hoping for a more zombie-like Alex who has to break through the connection, but instead I got an Alex who seemed to be aware of what she was doing. She was just very mean to those around her and I didn't feel like the connection to Seth excused her, because she seemed aware and partly in control of herself.
I thought the story might pick up after she broke the connection, but I still remained disappointed. I got a lot of pages where nothing really seemed to happen. Then I got a disappointing trip to the Underworld. I really thought the Underworld trip was going to be epic and it just wasn't. They were pretty much in and out, and I was just hoping for more excitement.
The very very end was okay, I guess. Although I did figure out what god was behind it waaaay before Alex did. And that's not because I was a genius, but rather because it was so obvious. The disguise the god was wearing came as a surprise though.
So in the end, I was disappointed again in this book and overall series. I don't like Alex. I don't think I'll ever like Alex. She's too self-important for me. It's all about her, how skilled she is, funny she is, important she is. She just takes herself way too seriously and I'm not impressed by her. I will read the last book to see what happens, but in the end, I'll be happy to rid myself of Alex and her drama.
Not feeling the love for this book, or this series.

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