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Review: Raid (The Wastelanders #2) by K.S. Merbeth

Title: Raid (The Wastelanders #2)
Author: K.S. Merbeth
Published by: Orbit
Released: 2017
Source: Library

Synopsis: Clementine is a bounty hunter in a world gone mad. 
Bound and gagged in her passenger seat is the most revered and reviled raider king in the eastern wastes. She can't cash him in and she can't let him go, so together they cross the wasteworld, following a dying road and dodging bloodthirsty raiders who either want to free Jedediah or claim him as their own. 
And in a world where lawlessness reigns, a tyrant worse than they could have ever imagined emerges to take the throne. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: Clementine is a Bounty Hunter whose main goal is to catch Jedediah Johnson, the man who ruined her life and killed her family. This is the second book in The Wastelanders Series, it follows different characters than the first gang.
Clementine is a more serious character than the gang from Bite. She's not as much fun, if I'm being honest. Raid is not as much fun as Bite. They both take place during the same time period, which I appreciated. Characters from Bite do make an appearance in Raid, which I loved.
I did enjoy Raid. I don't want to make out like I hated it, because I didn't. Bite was just so over the top and fun, while Raid introduced a character that believed more in law and order. As a bounty hunter, she's kind of one of the good guys, and it was so different after we'd been following bad guys in Bite. Clementine is a more reserved character too, there's something about that screams the possibility for danger. She and Dolly kind of have some things in common. 
Raid did have those moments of craziness, violence, and dark humor for sure. 
The character of Jed, I don't know how to feel about him. He's definitely the more fun one of the bunch, he added a lot of levity to the story, but he's so complicated. My feelings are so complicated.
I also don't know how I feel about the ending. Like where is Clementine going to go from here? Does her future end with her becoming something she once hated? I just don't know.
I definitely enjoyed the whole Wastelanders Series. It's crazytown. It's fun! I'd definitely recommend it and I'm gonna read more by K.S. Merbeth
I'm so conflicted

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