Monday, November 14, 2016

#BorrowAThon Wrap-Up

Well #BorrowAThon is over, and it went about like I expected it would. Honestly, it was like an average reading week for me. I don't think I do to well on readathons. Maybe it's the feeling like I should be reading every second that messes me up. I get distracted by social media, TV, all the things! I know I should be reading, but then I just don't want to. Readathons cause me stress and I think I under preform because of that. Readathons also can cause me to fall into reading slumps, just because of the pressure I've put on myself to read. I know I'm not alone, that other people go through these things. Even with all this stress, I know I'll do more readathons in the future, because I do think they are fun, they just can be stressful.
I managed to finish one book during #BorrowAThon (that I might have already started before #BorrowAThon started) and I started a second book. Not the greatest readathon results ever, but I'll take it.

#BorrowAThon Day-to-Day Progress
Day 1: Started on page 300 on The Twilight Zone: The Original Stories edited by Martin Harry Greenberg, Richard Matheson, and Charles G. Waugh. Only read 15 pages on Day One *hangs head in shame*
Day 2: Read 81 pages on Day Two. Woo-Hoo!
Day 3: Read 37 pages on Day Three. Eehh.
Day 4: Read 45 pages.
Day 5: Read 82 pages and finished The Twilight Zone: The Original Stories. Yayy! That was a long book. 550 pages... If I'd been participating in #TomeTopple, I would have killed it. I really enjoyed the book. I'm a fan of The Twilight Zone TV show, which is a classic, so I was interested in the stories. It was a really fun book. In a way, you're taking a step back in time and seeing what people in the 1960's imagined the future (sometimes our present) to be. They were really, really wrong about a lot of the future. We haven't colonized Mars. Intergalatic space travel isn't a thing. Personal robots still scare us, unless they are vacuuming robots. 
It was also interesting how many stories focused on war, be it the Civil War or WWI or WWII. Those Wars were more felt and better remembered? I know I'm not explaining that right, but it was just interesting reading stories from a different time.
All the stories were really easy to read and engaging. I was very pleased with this anthology, I enjoyed it a lot. I'll have a review for it put up sometime. Just know that my BOOKCITEMENT LEVEL is 4.5/5
Definitely recommend you check out the book and the show.
Day 6: Started new book Buzz Kill by Beth Fantaskey. It seems to be a fun, light, kind of murder mystery. It's about this school football coach that nobody really likes getting murdered and the main character gets it in her head to solve the case. Her father is suspected of the crime and she wants to find out the truth. My initial thoughts are that it's alright so far. I think the author wins in the last name department. Fantaskey is just a cool sounding name to me. Also, this book has the weirdest, shortest chapters I've ever seen in a book. Some of them are literally only one page long, the average chapter length is three to four pages. It's different and I'm not sure that I like it. Also, almost every chapter ends on a kind of cliff-hanger which I don't think I'm the biggest fan of.
Read 48 pages on Day 6.
Day 7: Read 81 pages on the last day of #BorrowAThon. Not bad, not bad. I'm enjoying the book, I think it just took me a little time to really get into it.

Books Finished: One Book The Twilight Zone: The Original Stories edited by Martin Harry Greenberg, Richard Matheson, and Charles G. Waugh.
Total Pages Read: 388

And #BorrowAThon is done! I could have done better, but I also could have done worse. Will totally participate in the next #BorrowAThon.

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