Friday, November 4, 2016

Reading Right Now! (90)

What I'm Reading Right Now! is...

-- The Hunt (The Cage #2) by Megan Shepherd-- As you may well be aware, I've pledged my love for Megan Shepherd's writing and my goal to read whatever it is she comes out with next. So far, I'm doing pretty good with that self pledge. I think I read The Cage sometime last year, thought it was weird, but I enjoyed it. This is the sequel to that, and I'm enjoying this one too, maybe even more than the first. It's so easy to get lost in Shepherd's writing and the weirdness of this plot. I'm on page 154, and I'd say 30% done. This is about kids that wake up one day in a strange world, and find themselves under the observation of strange creatures. I could give more away, but I won't.
This sequel has a little bit of Stranger Things vibes.
I plan on reading more of it this weekend, and hopefully finishing it. It's good. Megan Shepherd is awesome and very imaginative.

What I Hope To Read Next

-- Ensnared (Splintered #3) by A.G. Howard-- I don't know exactly if I'm looking forward to this one, it's more a case of I want to finish what I started. This series and I have a strained relationship. I hate Morpheus. Alyssa tends to annoy me. I also find it just too weird, this world that has been created. Now, I'm all for weird and strange, but there's a limit to how strange I will buy into. Sometimes I feel like this author tries too hard to make everything weird and different to the max. Like that person that has to add unnecessary glitter to everything, this author has to add unnecessary weirdness. 
So we'll see how I like this. After I finish this, I just have one more book in the series to go, that is kind of like a companion book.
Does anybody else have to finish a book series even though they haven't enjoyed what they've read of it so far, or am I just strange? I think I like to read it all just so I know I didn't judge it unfairly, gave it all the chances to impress me, or so I can see if it gets better along the way.

So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! What are you reading?

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