Monday, November 28, 2016

Review: Her Sky Cowboy (The Glorious Victorious Darcys #1) by Beth Ciotta

Title: Her Sky Cowboy (The Glorious Victorious Darcys #1)
Author: Beth Ciotta
Published by: Signet Eclipse
Released: November 6, 2012
Source: Library

Summary: When Amelia Darcy's beloved father dies in an explosion, she is heart broken. Her life continues to unravel as it is revealed that her father died penniless and left nothing for his family. When Amelia sees an advertisement in the paper, offering a huge monetary prize for an artifact of historical scientific significance, Amelia jumps at the chance of adventure and money to ease her family's woes.
Amelia sets off to find the artifact her father had once told her about. Along the way, she crashes into Tucker Gentry, the famous Sky Cowboy. They feel instant attraction for each other and team up to find the prize, while dodging enemies who want it too.
My Thoughts: I was hoping for a fun steampunk read, and while I did get that, I also got a massive amount of sexytime, which I wasn't really craving. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because the title did kind of hint that it could be one of those books. I really ended up enjoying the adventure and the story.
My favorite part had to be the world building. The aspects of time travel, Vics, Mods, and the Freaks were really cool concepts to consider and was probably one of the best parts of the book. The downside was that there was just too much thought, attention, and detail put into sex.
Tucker Gentry always had SEX on the brain, and it got a tad annoying at times.
So, definitely an adult read with lots of sexy time, but for anyone who loves good, steampunk world building, you should definitely give this one a shot.
Really cool world full of skyships, time travel, Vics, Mods, and Freaks!

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