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BLOG TOUR: The East End by Jason Allen

I'm really excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for The East End by Jason Allen. I was provided with a free copy for honest review. Thank you so much to the Publisher (Park Row Books) and Jason Allen for letting me be a part of this fun tour!

Title: The East End
Author: Jason Allen
Published by: Park Row
Released: May 7, 2019
Source: Review Copy Provided by Publisher

Synopsis: THE EAST END is an atmospheric debut novel of family secrets and scandal, of love and heartbreak, of working class struggle versus the privileges of the super wealthy, all set in a place whose incredible beauty means both pleasure and pain – a place where people will die for love, kill for truth, and dream of escaping forever.

THE EAST END opens with Corey Halpern, a Hamptons local from a broken home who breaks into mansions at night for kicks. He likes the rush and admittedly, the escapism. One night just before Memorial Day weekend, he breaks into the wrong home at the wrong time: the Sheffield estate where he and his mother work. Under the cover of darkness, their boss Leo Sheffield -- billionaire CEO, patriarch, and owner of the vast lakeside manor -- arrives unexpectedly with his lover, Henry. After a shocking poolside accident leaves Henry dead, everything depends on Leo burying the truth. But unfortunately for him, Corey saw what happened and there are other eyes in the shadows.

Hordes of family and guests are coming to the estate the next morning, including Leo's surly wife, all expecting a lavish vacation weekend of poolside drinks, evening parties, and fireworks filling the sky. No one can know there’s a dead man in the woods, and there is no one Leo can turn to. With his very life on the line, everything will come down to a split-second decision. For all of the main players—Leo, Gina, and Corey alike—time is ticking down, and the world they’ve known is set to explode.
Told through multiple points of view, THE EAST END highlights the socio-economic divide in the Hamptons, but also how the basic human need for connection and trust can transcend class differences. Secrecy, obsession, and desperation dictate each character’s path. In a race against time, each critical moment holds life in the balance as Corey, Gina, and Leo approach a common breaking point. THE EAST END is a propulsive read, rich with character and atmosphere, and marks the emergence of a talented new voice in fiction. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: Thank you to Park Row Books for including me on this fun tour and providing me with a free copy of The East End for honest review. All I have to say is Wowza! What a read! The East End is the perfect book to binge over your summer vacation at the beach, at the pool, on an epic road trip, or anywhere else you happen to be. It's next to impossible to quit reading it. I was sucked right in to the story. It had a breakneck kind of speed to it. Once I started, I just had to finish it. It kept me on my toes, biting my nails, and wondering just what was going to happen next.
I really enjoyed the writing of this. Jason Allen is an author to watch.
I also liked how it took place in the Hamptons and showcased the divide between the rich who come for the summer, and the everyday people who call it home.
I'm really glad I got a chance to read it and I would definitely recommend it. You won't be able to put it down.

Meet the Author
Jason Allen

Jason Allen grew up in a working-class home in the Hamptons, where he worked a variety of blue-collar jobs for wealthy estate owners. He writes fiction, poetry, and memoir, and is the author of the poetry collection A MEDITATION ON FIRE. He has an MFA from Pacific University and a PhD in literature and creative writing from Binghamton University, and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where he teaches writing. THE EAST END is his first novel.

Look Out for the Book Tour!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog Tour Stop for The East End by Jason Allen. I had a lot of fun reading this book. Thanks so much to Park Row Books and Jason Allen for letting me be a part of the tour.

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